Philipponnat   Clos Goisses

2000 Clos Goisses

By Philipponnat

2000 Clos Goisses by Philipponnat

The stunning 2000 vintage from esteemed producer Philipponnat offers an enticing exhibition of the timeless elegance and unexpected vitality that is signature of their offerings. The dual epoch, bold yet nuanced, tells a story that only a single vineyard like Clos Goisses can curate.


Bountiful Balance, a Golden Investment

Bearing witness to its uniqueness as 'Clos', - one of Champagne’s few walled vineyards - the 2000 Clos Goisses by Philipponnat enfolds a cornucopia of contrast in every sip. Blessed with one of the steepest slopes in Champagne, this enclosed estate imparts an inherent duality to the wine it fosters, creating vintages both captivatingly complex and gorgeously generous.

From first pour, the 2000 vintage establishes its extraordinary persona - moonstone clarity picturing the bright promise ahead. A catalyst for interest and conversation, it is such characteristics that make this wine appealing to investors and connoisseurs alike.


Millennium Magic, Mighty Flavours

The turn of the millennium gifted us with exquisite climatic conditions, graciously reflecting in this Philipponnat’s creation. Cooler temperatures brought out enigmatic finesse and subtle freshness amidst its otherwise dominant Pinot Noir structure. This intriguing equilibrium is what sets it wonderfully apart from other vintages.

As one delves into layers of tasting experience, you're greeted by flavours of quince, almond and spice amplified by structured minerality. With each insistent swirl, nose-tickling notes echo tales of its stirring terroir underlined by years of meticulous cultivation.

Indeed, it isn't until the final act that one truly appreciates its mastery. The climax crescendos into an enduring finish, reverberating with the restrained might of its mineral core - A hint at its incredible aging potential adding another tick on wine investors' checklists.

Altogether, the 2000 Clos Goisses by Philipponnat is as much a testament to the year's exceptional climatic uniqueness as it is to Philipponnat’s inimitable expertise. An extraordinary exemplar among its peers, this wine is nothing short of a testament to time; beautifully encapsulating the mirth and mystery of millennium's dawn whilst hinting at the delectable decades yet to unveil.

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