Philipponnat   Clos Goisses

2003 Clos Goisses

By Philipponnat

2003 Clos Goisses by Philipponnat

The 2003 Clos Goisses from Philipponnat is a notable offering from an unusual but characterful vintage. Known for its unusually hot summer, the 2003 Champagne harvest saw a bold gravitation towards robust and powerful expressions of this lauded wine region. Finding such a standout Champagne is truly rewarding, particularly for the discerning investor who seeks the unique, the esteemed, and the inimitable.


Hot Vintage delivering full-bodied Elegance

This full-bodied Champagne bottling is no exception, embodying strength and delicacy gracefully intertwined. The ripe harvest has lent itself to a prominent yet elegant expression of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The grandeur lies within its indulgent toasted brioche and ripe stone fruit notes, confidently underscored by a fine minerality and effervescence that does not shy away from its command of structure.

2003 was a year where the warm summer induced a fast-paced ripening process - an event that required a calculated skill to balance during the vinification process. Philipponnat has done just this - taming the power of this time stamp in Champagne’s history and moulding it into a wine as majestic as it is tantalising.


A Wine Investment gem that reflects Character over Conditions

The tag of ‘difficult vintage’ deters some but for others, it presents an opportunity for expressing character over conditions. Seasons such as 2003 can often work in favour of wines suited to cellar ageing - building complex layers of flavour over time. Therein lies the allure for wine investors - a vintage aligned with monikers like ‘unique’, ‘complicated’, ‘unrepeatable’.

These wines capture a snapshot of their respective climate conditions in the most refined way, encapsulating time and place, challenge and reward. The 2003 Clos Goisses from Philipponnat is such a prism; reflecting what makes wine investment both an intellectual pursue and sensual pleasure.

In summary, much like its year of birth, the 2003 Clos Goisses is riotous in nature yet graceful in delivery, firmly placing itself as one of the standout Champagnes from this much-discussed year. A fine testament to the adeptness of one of France’s oldest Champagne houses, Philipponnat.

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