Pol Roger   Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

1995 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

By Pol Roger

1995 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger

Within the pantheon of esteemed Champagnes, few command as much respect and deference as the 1995 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger. Lovingly crafted honouring Britain's celebrated statesman, this eponymous cuvée strikes a chord with its quintessential style and nuanced oenological profundity.


Tasting notes of timeless elegance

A coalescence of forty-five percent Pinot Noir and fifty five percent Chardonnay, the 1995 vintage acted as a canvas for this blend. A year of miraculous weather convergence, with an arid summer followed by ideal conditions during harvest remarkably punctuated the distinct attributes of this blend. Upon the nose, you may detect audacious hints of pear, brioche and honeyed almonds gently surrendered into a crescendo of minerality.

Elegantly complex on the palate, it delivers layers of taut citrus fruit characters and creamy brioche notes underpinned by focused acidity - a testament to the fantastic aging potential that has been realised in this vintage. Underneath this display lies a nerve of finely poised steeliness imparted by 1995's unique climatic signature—encasing the lingering echo of stone-fruit complexities and the ghostly perfume of jasmine in a fizzle of vibrant effervescence.


An investment in liquid architecture

In terms of wine investment, one should consider that fine wine thrives on rarity and quality, both aspects being elegantly intertwined within this limited edition cuvée. Thus far, its market value has appreciated steadily, demonstrating the potential returns on purchasing wines from such collectables.

The 1995 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger is not merely a well-aged champagne—it encapsulates a symphony of taste sensations lifted through time on bubbles of exquisite liquid effervescence. This vintage sets itself apart by striking an outstanding balance between vibrancy and mature complexity, presenting an alluring allure to any collector or fine wine investor.

Just like Sir Winston himself, this cuvée brought to life by one of the Champagne region's most prominent families stands out for its enviable charisma and undeniable power. Imbibing it is not unlike reliving history—one elegant sip at a time—making it an investment worth savouring both for its outstanding taste profile and potential financial return.

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