Pol Roger   Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

1996 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

By Pol Roger

The 1996 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill by Pol Roger

The 1996 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger stands as a testament to the heights attainable when optimal viticulture and vintner expertise collude under first-rate weather conditions. A blend dominated by Pinot Noir, this effervescent magnificence tells a tale of the champagne region's sterling vintage year of 1996.


Weather Intricacies, Vineyard Tradecraft

The year of 1996 in Champagne was marked by harsh winter frosts, late spring bloom then an idyllic summer, highlighted by August rains that encouraged botrytis. September summoned the sun once more, leading to rapid ripening and high sugar levels - an elegant dance of climatic precision necessary for cultivating the finest grapes.

Pol Roger's meticulous attention to detail was instrumental here, perfectly handling this sourdough of inconsistency to shape one of the world's great Champagnes: The '96 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill.


A Ballet of Aromas and Flavours

On approaching the 1996 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger, one is swept up in a symphony of scents - dancing notes of ripe apple, candied lemon zest and baking spice whirl around an axis of minerality. The palate mirrors this orchestrated performance, buoyed by a vivacious effervescence that compliments the wine's complexity.

Being fully matured now, there is developed richness and an underbelly stirred with nuances of toasted almond and caramel.


An Investment in Wine Royalty

Fine wine connoisseurs and investment visionaries alike can appreciate both the inherent elegance of this Champagne and its promising investment potential. The prestigious '96 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill has proven age-worthy and reveals further complexities with cellaring. Its reputation and undeniable character make it an appealing asset in any robust portfolio.

Celebrated internationally for its depth, intricacy and unparalleled elegance, the 1996 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger adroitly exemplifies why investing in fine wine is so enriching, both hedonistically and financially.


The Unfolding Legacy

This exceptional cuvée, with its unique personality anchored by regal maturity, demonstrates how grandeur and terroir create brilliance in a bottle. As we continue to sip history through the majesty of this exquisite cuvée, it’s evident that the legacy forged in these bubbles will resonate through future generations of dedicated enthusiasts; cementing itself as a paragon in its oeuvre whilst simultaneously revealing the captivating narrative of a revered chapter in Champagne's storied past.

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