Pol Roger   Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

2006 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill

By Pol Roger

2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger

The 2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger presents itself with an exceptional aura of grace and valor, a reflection of the man it was named after. This particular vintage offers a harmonious synthesis of depth and radiance thanks to the climatic peculiarities that befell Champagne in 2006.


Intricate balance, mature investment

Akin to Pol Roger's long-standing tradition of producing illustrious champagnes, the 2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill exhibits an intriguing balance between strength and delicacy. The influence of the tempestuous spring season and a subsequently warm summer with mild rainfall gave rise to this robust yet sophisticated vintage.

A worthy centerpiece at any wine investor's table, this vintage emanates a delightful nose of toasted hazelnut and crisp apple. Elegant undertones of brioche and dried apricot perpetuate the fascinating complex that is the Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill.


Nature's challenges, extraordinary wine

The unpredictability of 2006 climatic conditions in north-east France, combined with Pol Roger's measured response, resulted in an outstandingly rich grape yield. The maturity of these grapes pushed the performance of this vintage beyond ordinary expectations.

The palate encounters a vivacious burst of lemon zest, further accentuated by subtle characteristics of white peach. Embedded in this symphony are hints of freshly baked bread and subtle spice, ultimately culminating in a lengthy mineral finish, making this an elegantly structured champagne.

The 2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill from Pol Roger captures the essence of quality craftsmanship married with Nature's gifts. A rare and special treat for discerning investors and fine wine enthusiasts alike, the 2006 vintage stands as an exemplary testament to Pol Roger's devotion towards excellence in champagne production.

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Made in the very best vintages, Pol Roger's white-golden colored 2006 Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill offers a very clear, precise, ripe and complex bouquet with fruity and refreshingly chalky, nutty and brioche notes. Full-bodied and complex on the palate, the 2006 is supple, round and rich but also fine, elegant, fresh and well structured. It has a harmonious yet tight, persistent and very promising finish that puts this silky textured, Pinot-dominated cuvée (the exact blend is a closely guarded family secret) on the border of fatty richness. But the mousse gives so much freshness and finesse that everything seems lifted here. Though I have very limited experience with matured Champagnes from Pol Roger and namely Churchill, I suppose the 2006 will benefit a lot from further bottle aging. But don't get me wrong: the wine is already gorgeous. Tasted June 2018, disgorged in June 2017.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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