Ruinart   Dom Ruinart Rose

1998 Dom Ruinart Rose

By Ruinart

1998 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart

An exemplary champagne, the 1998 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart encapsulates the impressive feat of viticulture art that year. A fantastic culmination of climatic conditions and the prowess of the Ruinart winegrowers resulted in this vintage which has undisputedly etched a firm mark in the annals of wine history.


Memory of a splendid summer

The illustrious 1998 saw one of the best summers in Champagne, with perfect harmony between an abundance of sunshine and rainfall. The result was an abundance of high-quality grapes bringing richness and complexity to wines, notably reflected in the 1998 Dom Ruinart Rose.


Bright acidity, balanced by opulent notes

In this exquisite vintage, while the vibrant acidity is typical of Dom Ruinart Rose productions generally, there is a delightful balance to this potent 1998 variant that sets it apart. The anticipation is heightened as you pour, with its intense golden hue revealing a shimmering coral intensity.

A dominant Chardonnay grape interlaced with superb Pinot Noir adorn the palate. These make their presence known through subtle yet persistent strings of berry notes offset by brioche and honeyed accents. As it further blossoms in the glass, the opulent notes of exotic fruits arrive to lend an unexpected but welcome tropical twist to this age-worthy champagne.


A fine investment piece

This is one of those tantalising vintages that has not just survived, but thrived and matured into a well-rounded performance; a sculpted ode to both grape and year that highlights it as an attractive asset for any discerning wine investor when considering 'Ruinart' or '1998 Dom Ruinart Rose' for their portfolio.

In conclusion, the intoxicating combination of one of Champagne's finest terroirs with an exceptional climatic year births this radiant symphony that is the 1998 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart. A captivating expression of its era's perfect serendipity, it remains a cornerstone for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This resonance through time is what makes the essence and attraction investment-grade wine so irrefutably potent.

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The Ruinart 1998 Brut Rose Dom Ruinart I sampled was noticeably marked in texture and complexity by both its long stay on the lees and considerable time in bottle, not to mention by its significant share of red wine. Sour cherry and rhubarb, rose hip and geranium, smoky black tea and old leather, grapefruit zest and sea water combine for an aromatic performance whose counterpart on a still very sappy and vivacious yet expansive and richly textured palate is satisfyingly long-lasting. The roughly 15% of red Pinot added here to what is essentially the same cuvee as the white Dom Ruinart of its vintage received a longer fermentation on its skins than applied to Ruinart’s “regular” rose, which may be one reason for the nutty, meaty depth that comes out in the finish. It certainly helps explain the invigorating sense of apple skin chew and cherry pit piquancy. As so often in the realm of prestige rose, one is being asked to pay an enormous premium vis-a-vis the corresponding white wine, but in this instance you’re also paying for considerable additional aging. And this impressive bottling could easily remain so for several more years. Imported by Moet Hennessy, New York, NY; tel. (212) 251-8200

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 29 November 2013

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