Ruinart   Dom Ruinart Rose

2002 Dom Ruinart Rose

By Ruinart

2002 Dom Ruinart Rose by Ruinart

Our journey into the depths of the Champagne world this time takes us to the historic cellars of Ruinart, with an exploration of their esteemed 2002 Dom Ruinart Rose. This unparalleled vintage elevates the reputation of rose champagne, delivering an exceptional experience that is few and far between.


Distinctive 2002 Vintage - A Classic in the Making

A bubbly tribute to its ancestry, the 2002 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart flourishes in a growing season graced by near-perfect climatic conditions. The weather patterns of 2002 contributed toward a meticulous ripening process, leading to a delectably balanced yield, securing it as a preeminent vintage year.

A perfect representation of the Champagne region's power and finesse, the 2002 Dom Ruinart Rose showcases the best aspects of its Grand Cru Chardonnay grapes (81% Chardonnay and 19% Pinot Noir). This wine is more than a mere luxury; it’s an investment for your cellar that promises excellent returns.


Basking in Glory of Effervescent Majesty

Simultaneously powerful yet delicate, this exquisite Champagne tantalizes with aromas of wild strawberries and dried roses. As you immerse yourself in its opulence, there's a harmony of lush summer fruit flavours interlaced with subtle smoky mineral notes. The finish is long with a wonderful sharpness that punctuates an array of mature, fruity nuances.

It demonstrates stunning depth and intricacy, with layers of flavours unveiling themselves over time. It certainly embodies why wine enthusiasts globally hold in such high esteem every pour from Ruinart.


An Infallible Investment

The 2002 Dom Ruinart Rose goes beyond any standard bottle of champagne - it’s an assertively elegant embodiment of viticultural investment. Representing Ruinart's commitment to meticulously mastering their craft, this effervescent marvel is a tangible exhibit of tradition sustaining premier quality across centuries.

Your indulgence in this fine vintage isn't just an aesthetically pleasing exercise; it’s an opportunity for fine wine investing that ensures appreciating dividends both in taste and financial return. With time, its exquisite qualities continue to mature and colour further tales of grandeur in your cellar and portfolio.

It upholds the principle that great wines are not only born but also evolve impressively when given time. To echo this sentiment allows us to appreciate the rise in value, not only on our palates but also on our wine investment portfolios. Without doubt, the 2002 Dom Ruinart Rose is not merely about celebrating life; it's about life celebrating you.

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Disgorged in June 2014 with 5.5 grams per liter dosage, the 2002 Dom Ruinart Rosé includes 20% red Pinot Noir from Sillery and Verzenay. Unfurling in the glass with aromas of brioche, mirabelle plum, dried orange rind and fresh pastry, it's full-bodied, broad and gourmand, with a creamy mousse, delicate phenolic grip and excellent balance. This is one of the finest renditions of this cuvée that I've tasted.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2019

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