Ruinart   Dom Ruinart Rose

2004 Dom Ruinart Rose

By Ruinart

2004 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart

Unveiling the laudable qualities of the 2004 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart, one is instantly drawn into a captivating vintage narrative. The tenacious challenge faced by vineyards in 2004 was led by an unusually troublesome spring, assuaged later by a benevolent summer. The winemakers at Ruinart wrestled this capricious season into yielding some exceptional fruit, providing a singular character to this release.


Exceptional expressiveness:

The 2004 Dom Ruinart Rosé unerringly portrays both the trials and rewards of its birth year. This release delicately balances refinement and rigour, an attribute found in every noble vintage. Beneath the lustrous robe of this rosé shimmers an artistic composition of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, each contributing to its unique personality. One might even liken it to an engaging sonnet, accentuating the sweet subtleties of fruitful endurance.


A robust wine ready for serious investment:

A gentle whisper of forest fruits coupled with concise mineral undertones defines the complex palate of the 2004 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart. It resonates with a distinguishable freshness, intertwined with an earthy strength. Its ageing capacity offers promising prospects for investors seeking enduring value; an undeniably charming articulation of return on investment.


The mark of an outstandingly tempestuous season:

The particularly turbulent weather patterns inscribed their challenging script into the richly coloured annals of the 2004 vintage. The outcome? A wine boasting unabashed elegance, full-bodied resonance and a complex aroma that entwines fruity brightness with profound depth harmoniously.

The 2004 Dom Ruinart Rosé exemplifies resilience in refinement. It captures the vibrancy of its cultivated terrain and narrates the year's tribulations with a vivacious eloquence. This encapsulation of a year's climatic journey makes it an enticing proposition for the discerning oenophile investor community.

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Including fully 19% red wine made from Sillery Pinot Noir, the 2004 Dom Ruinart Rosé was disgorged in February 2016 with four grams per liter dosage. Displaying complex aromas of red berries, dried orange rind, potpourri, iodine, toasted nuts and wet chalk, it's medium to full-bodied, broad and textural, with a more multidimensional, vinous profile than its Blanc de Blancs counterpart, with lively acids and a chalky finish.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2019

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