Ruinart   Dom Ruinart Rose

2008 Dom Ruinart Rose

By Ruinart

2008 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart

The 2008 Dom Ruinart Rose from Ruinart is a startling testament to the depth and harmony achieved by one of the world's most distinctive Champagne houses during what was, without question, one of the most notably balanced growing seasons in recent memory.


Quality Oak Aged, a Rare Find

The Dom Ruinart Rose distinguishes itself in its full maturation process that precisely incorporates Chardonnay grapes into a Pinot Noir vinified as red wine. This blend enriches the wine with intricate layers, establishing them as a serious choice for fine wine investors worldwide.

This 2008 rose sparkles with a soft pink hue, hinting at the delicate balance of intensity and subtlety that defines this remarkable vintage. The nose is wonderfully complex—a mélange of fresh and dried fruits matured through an oak-aged Chardonnay process.


A Classic Vintage, Timeless Value

The year 2008 presented an exceptional balance in the Champagne region—adequate rainfall, moderate temperatures, and ideal grape maturing conditions. All these factors amalgamated to produce a crop of exquisitely ripe grapes of high acidity.

The Mediterranean climate imbued this vintage with a unique personality—a bold yet refined expression of terroir that positions the 2008 Dom Ruinart Rose as an era-defining Champagne.

This vintage unveils a mélange of white fruit essence embroidered with shades of exotic fruits and red berries which persist on the palate with vibrant intensity. Then follows the notes of citrus and slight nutty touches which enhance its culinary value - tying all elements into a smoothly finish that lingers delicifully.

Within its finely effervescent vivacity, the 2008 Dom Ruinart Rose showcases an extraordinary demonstration of Ruinart's miraculous artistry and represents for fine wine investors, an opportunity to enhance their portfolios with a promising future return.

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