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1998 Dom Ruinart

By Ruinart

1998 Dom Ruinart from Maison Ruinart

The haunting allure of the 1998 Dom Ruinart unveils itself slowly, like the unfurling of a mystical story. Borne from the historic house of Ruinart, this magnificent vintage captures the essence of the millennium's last noted winemaking season in Champagne.


A Vintage Cloaked in Gold

Harmoniously hued in a radiant gold, the 1998 Dom Ruinart exhibits a luminous clarity, indicative of its excellent maturity. The complex interplay between its crystal-clear mousse and fleshy palate provides an enlightening journey to this vintage's meticulous crafting process.

The rise and fall of the sensory notes are like ocean swells, culminating in a long and deeply resonant finish that engages all corners of the palate..


A Complex Ensemble, An Infallible Investment

Echoes from an optimally ripe 1998 harvest signal a spirited conversation between Chardonnay's innate vibrancy and the charismatic influence of prolonged bottle-aging. This dialogue births hints of peaches intermingled with subtle vanilla nuances; a ballet of bitter orange and exotic herbs pirouetting on its stage.

This structured complexity is what positions Ruinart's 1998 Dom Ruinart as an intriguing prospect for wine investors, particularly looking at the heights achieved by its predecessor vintages.


A Chronicle Enthralled with Time

The variable weather conditions that ruled over Champagne in 1998 stand today immortalized within this vintage. Presenting a mature grandeur without conceding vitality, this vintage charmingly narrates tales from an exceptionally maturation-friendly harvest.

In tasting this exclusive creation from Maison Ruinart, discerning investors can study 1998’s unique terroir of France's most revered wine region and its bearance on this investment-worthy bottle's distinct profile.

The 1998 Dom Ruinart is a telling tribute to Maison Ruinart's artistry manifested in mistral-cooled microclimate. Its impressive longevity and ethereal grace mark it as not merely one wine among many; it is akin to frozen music which when heard, commands silent reverence.

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