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2002 Dom Ruinart

By Ruinart

2002 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart

Rising with grandeur from the chalk beds of Reims, the 2002 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart is a paean to the powers of Chardonnay in all its sublime expressions. An extraordinary vintage produced in one of the chilliest settings, this exemplar plays on the senses with precision that tunes into each climatic nuance that shaped its creation.


Unrestrained expression of a compelling vintage

The year 2002 was indeed auspicious for Champagne, eschewing previous patterns and presenting ideal climatic conditions that favored both quantity and quality. The uncharacteristically warm spring carried hues of an early harvest, but rightfully delayed to accommodate an impeccably elongated ripening period that culminated in late September.

Such conditions gifted the 2002 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart a balanced acidity, vivacious fruitiness, and concentrated structure - a triumvirate that ensures remarkable cellaring potential for wine investors.


An enchanting symphony of the senses

As the cork pops on the 2002 Dom Ruinart, releasing an enchanting symphony of aromas dominated by white flowers and citrus fruits laced with nuanced eucalyptus and fennel - your senses are swooned. In the mouth, this Champagne paints a picture of paradoxes: it’s radiant yet introspective, generous yet reserved.

Pure and crystalline on the palate, its fruit is enswathed in a seamless integration of acidity - like diamonds set against velvet. Cripps apple flirts with a hint of iodine and ends with a chalky echo, resonating with graceful longevity - proof of an awe-inspiring vision realized.


Singular brilliance for any cellar

Dom Ruinart’s 2002 edition is not simply amongst the greats; it's an unrivalled testament to what unyielding patience in combination with rigorous expertise can create. Striking that perfect balance between enduring complexity and kinetic vitality, this excellent vintage will continue to astound connoisseurs and investors alike for decades to come. Indeed, such opulence and finesse offer much to anticipate for those considering wine investment as this sensational champagne elevates any collection above the commonplace.

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