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2004 Dom Ruinart

By Ruinart

2004 Dom Ruinart by Ruinart

The sophistication and magic of champagne derive not from its house alone but also from the tale of each year — a story told through the intricacies of weather, soil, and skilled winemaking. This rule is eloquently demonstrated in the case of the 2004 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart.


Unveiling unique attributes

2004 was a year of promise and delivery in the vineyards of Champagne. Following a dry, cool winter, an even and primarily warm summer bathed the grapevines, marred only by August's surprise heatwave. However, reprieve came through September's forgiving, cooler nights which ushered in a harvest boasting grapes of impressive maturity and refreshing acidity — robust building blocks compassing the complexity of this fine vintage.


Intricate complexities generate investment interest

Ruinart's skillful wine artisans took full advantage of this excellent harvest, crafting a masterful blend of grand cru Chardonnay. The resultant 2004 Dom Ruinart is one that exemplifies both the charms of its birth year and the age-old artistry of the house itself.

The initial sensory greeting offers invigorating crisped pear and bright citrus bouquet laced with whispers of toasty brioche that hints at its maturation journey. On the palate, a creamy elegance mingles with vibrant minerality — no doubt an echo of those cool September nights in 2004 — all underpinned by a nerve of acidity which promises aging potential for wine investors.


A champagne-filled toast to 2004 Dom Ruinart

The 2004 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart serves as a narrative, expertly scribed in bubbles and bouquet — a tale worth cherishing as much for its backstory as for its contents. For those seeking to invest in wine showing a brilliant symphony between year and maison, you need look no further.

An exceptional investment chance lies within each bottle, with its aging potential echoing notes of prosperous returns. A shimmering testament to both Mother Nature's whimsicalities and human artistry; the 2004 Dom Ruinart by Ruinart is an intriguing conversation starter for any fine wine portfolio.

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Disgorged in February 2016 with 4.5 grams per liter dosage, the 2004 Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs offers up notes of of sweet citrus oil, toasted nuts, dried white flowers and smoke, followed by a medium to full-bodied, creamy and textural palate underpinned by lively acids and concluding with a saline finish. The 2004 is more classically proportioned than the 2006, but it doesn't possess quite as much depth or concentration.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2019

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