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2006 Dom Ruinart

By Ruinart

2006 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart

The benchmark of sophistication and elegance, the 2006 Dom Ruinart offers an unrivalled tasting experience that stands proud among its illustrious peers. This exquisite masterpiece is a testament to the painstaking dedication and artistry demonstrated by the experts at Ruinart, perpetuating a legacy that spans over three centuries.


The Distinctive Notes of 2006

The 2006 vintage brought with it a thin skin, reducing the yield but intensifying the flavour complexity - a pleasing consequence atypical for the vineyards of Reims. An emphasis on Chardonnay grapes accentuates the finesse of this vintage, pushing forth subtle minerality, a gentle citrus tang and a whisper of almond undertone. It's this potent combination that crafts the distinctiveness of 2006 Dom Ruinart and underlines its considerable wine investment potential.


A Year with Eccentric Nature

The climatic conditions of 2006 set this iteration apart. The vintage's warm early days were followed by colder spells leading up to the harvest — a dramatic swing that enhanced grape development. This bestowed upon the fruits a mature elegance which remained locked within even after a decade-plus in the bottle — showcasing an impressive vitality in an industry where longevity holds sway.

While sifting through notes of brioche and honeysuckle, one continues to appreciate the captivating freshness preserved by 2006's climactic idiosyncrasies. Not to forget the sumptuous complexion, clear as liquid gold, inviting connoisseurs to savour each sip mindfully.


Ruinart: Pioneers in Pinot Noir

We cannot discuss the 2006 Dom Ruinart without duly crediting its creator. Ruinart, revered for pioneering Pinot Noir-dominant Champagne years before it was chic, has once again proven deft hands that cast every sip into an investable occasion.

This 2006 Dom Ruinart from Ruinart serves as an ode to the brand’s innovation in craftsmanship and its deep-seated commitment to excellence — paying tribute not just to one remarkable vintage but also echoing the brilliance of the house behind every painstakingly produced bottle. Poised with potential for further aging and value appreciation, it remains an ornament to every savvy investor's collection.

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The 24th rendition of this cuvée since its debut with the 1969, the 2006 Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is showing well, bursting with aromas of blanched almonds, confit citrus, fresh pastry, smoke and iodine. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, satiny and enveloping, with a broad attack but sappy balancing acids, the warm vintage making for a textural, vinous wine that nonetheless concludes with a chalky, precise finish. It was disgorged in October 2016 with a dosage of 4.5 grams per liter.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2019

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