Bruno Giacosa   Barbaresco Asili DOCG

1998 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

The 1998 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa, Italy

The late 20th century was a fruitful era for Italian viticulture, with the 1998 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa standing as a prominent artifact of that time. There's an enigmatic allure to this particular vintage that warrants its status as one of the pinnacle offerings in fine wines from Italy.


A Masterstroke of Balance and Complexity

Bruno Giacosa, a maestro of Piedmont winemaking, introduced a symphony like no other with the Barbaresco Asili of '98. The unique climatic conditions of that year influenced the Nebbiolo grapes to an exquisite ripeness, poring into a wine that ascends beyond the realm of pure drinking pleasure into an investable asset.

This vintage exudes a dynamite blend of complexity and balance – decidedly full-bodied, yet gracefully tamed. Plentiful aromas hint towards ripe cherries and woodland, alongside vivid whispers of truffle and tobacco which elevates the very concept of savoury wines.


The Magic of Perfect Timing

The year 1998 was noted as pleasantly mild in Piedmont, creating optimal growing conditions for Nebbiolo; the main constituent in Barbaresco. The harvest saw warm days followed by cooler nights - a pattern favouring the slow ripening and helping develop the great depth and impeccable structure seen in this venerated wine style.

The end-result is the 1998 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G., which harmoniously encapsulates a momentous turning point in the winemaking epoch of Bruno Giacosa. This classic vintage draws admiration for its inviting brick-red hue and sublime aged complexity.

Every sip is a sojourn back in time, indulging the palate with mature notes of forest floor, licorice and ripe red fruits. The poised balance of acidity and robust tannins reveals a wine that ages beautifully, enhancing its value in the realm of wine investment.

In sum, the 1998 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. by Bruno Giacosa is an exceptional vintage that provides an evocative tasting experience whilst showcasing the intrigue and profound depth of Italy's fine wines. It serves as a testament to Giacosa's craftsmanship and a star performer in any well-diversified investment portfolio.

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Giacosa's 1998 Barbaresco Asili needs 4-5 years of cellaring. It exhibits a dark ruby color along with a big, sweet nose of dried herbs, cedar, tobacco, tar, and red fruits. Opulent on the attack, with moderately high tannin as well as good underlying acidity, this is a fragrant effort for Giacosa. Anticipated maturity: 2006-2020. A Leonardo Locascio Selection, Winebow, Hohokus, NJ; tel. (201) 445-0620

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 2001

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