Bruno Giacosa   Barbaresco Asili DOCG

2001 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G.

By Bruno Giacosa

2001 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. by Bruno Giacosa

In the world of fine wines, one that stands out as a bastion of character is the 2001 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. from Bruno Giacosa. This beautifully composed wine represents an amalgamation of Italy’s best attributes, subtly interwoven into a symphony of sensations.


Caught Between Two Millennia, an Unforgettable Vintage

From the bountiful soils of Piedmont, the year 2001 provided an exceptional vintage for the traditionally laborious process of producing Barbaresco. With perfect temperatures and aptly timed rainfalls, this year permitted grape growers like Bruno Giacosa to achieve masterful blends that echo the distinct weather conditions and unique terroir profiles.


A Dance between Humility and Nobility

The 2001 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. exudes a harmony of aromas enveloped in an enchantingly medium-bodied texture. Lauded for its rich, cherry-laden palate and subtly earthy hints, it holds an unforgettable presence. On the crescendo comes a touch of truffle, followed by a medley of spice undertones that paint sumptuous strokes on your palate.


Potential for Investment Growth with this Italian Classic

As this fine Italian wine delicately ages, so too does its value as an investment. The underlying notes of oak bring forth memories of Piedmont's rustic landscape, only to be heightened by anticipation for the possible delights it will unveil in future tasting notes. Exemplifying what makes vintages from Bruno Giacosa shine, this bottle captures the soul of sublime viticulture finesse. It confidently sings its clear message across decades of evolution – owning a piece of history has seldom tasted so extraordinary. With that said, the 2001 Barbaresco Asili D.O.C.G. delivers a fascinating journey for savvy wine investors and enthusiasts, painting a captivating picture of Italy’s fine wines. Ownership of this much-vaunted vintage is indeed an asset worth savoring.

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The 2001 Barbaresco Asili impresses for its gorgeous inner sweetness and inviting, round fruit. The 2001 is pure Asili, but it has begun to shut down mightily over the last 1-2 years. Still, it is impossible to miss the pedigree of what is in the glass. Anticipated maturity: 2015-2031. This is a fabulous set of wines from one of the great Giacosa vintages. Admittedly, opening ten year-old Giacosa Barbareschi and Baroli must be viewed as a purely academic excercise, as the wines are nowhere near ready. Readers will have to be especially patient, as most of these wines have entered a closed phase after having been surprisingly accessible early on. Importer: Folio Fine Wine Partners, Napa, CA; tel. (707) 256-2700

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 25 April 2012

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