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Burgundy set for ‘biggest white wine harvest ever’


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Burgundy is on track for the biggest white wine harvest on record, according to Louis Fabrice Latour, president of negociant business Maison Louis Latour.

Speaking to the drinks business, Latour said that while the final numbers had not been calculated, indications suggested it “may be the biggest ever”, with the Maconnais and Chablis enjoying particularly large crops.

Reds, meanwhile, will see a more “normal” sized vintage.

Latour also noted that while it was “difficult to make a ‘great’ vintage” with the white crops at hand, it’s not a vintage lacking in complexity or finesse, and with relatively low acids it will create wine better suited towards “easy drinking”.

He added that the success of the harvest meant there was a “good chance to have some more affordable Macon and Chablis” in the near future.

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