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1989 Margaux

By Chateau Margaux

1989 Margaux from Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux, France

The 1989 Margaux from iconic Chateau Margaux encapsulates a vintage that is etched in vinous lore, a standout testament to the artistry of Bordeaux winemaking. The majesty of this particular year requires resilience in investment and a palate attuned to complexity. As the years pass, its narrative has become ever more enchanting for investors and oenophiles alike.


Celebrating a Quintessential Vintage

Engulfed by an optimal growing season, the terroir of the Margaux appellation whispered a secret into the fruit, which would not be fully understood until years after the harvest. The synthesis of climate, terrain, and human touch is seldom so harmonious as it was during this illustrious year. This 1989 vintage speaks of a blessed alliance between nature's offer and astute cultivation.


Investment Merits of 1989

The investment credentials of the 1989 Margaux rest upon its shoulders like the robes of royalty. Amongst collectors the world over, its reputation precedes consultation – owning such a vintage speaks to one's discerning eye for not only quality but wisdom in capitalising upon what nature deemed fit to provide. In every sip, history aligns with hedonistic pleasure.

This 1989 vintage is an accolade to what can transpire when patience consorts with providence. It paints its palate with a breadth of fruit, not quite mirroring any other year. With its fine-grained tannins showing a genteel maturity and its aromatic profile gliding from ripe cassis to the hypnotic allure of truffle and violets, each bottle is a compendium of sensorial narratives unraveling gracefully as it décants.

For fine wine investors looking to augment their portfolio with wines bearing both prestige and promise for appreciation, adding this celebrated 1989 Margaux from Chateau Margaux may be nothing short of compelling.


In Conclusion – Unwavering Sophistication

In this vintage, we find ourselves at the nexus where historical significance and enological excellence entwine. To discover and indulge in this rare alignment is both a privilege and wise strategy for investors crafting legacies through liquid assets. Each glass poured from the 1989 Margaux proffers more than an exquisite libation; it provides an insight into what makes Bordeaux immortal in the annals of fine wine.

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Tasted at Robersons' 1989 Bordeaux horizontal. The Chateau Margaux '89 has a rather curmudgeonly nose at first, initially disjointed but melding together with scents of blackberry, hawthorn and clay/wet cement. The palate is medium-bodied with very fine tannins, although this is not a complex Margaux. It has pert acidity and fine minerality, although it does not have the length or depth of Cos d'Estournel '89 tasted alongside. The finish is a little foursquare and dominated by cedar and tobacco flavours that continue to lend it a Pauillac-like personality. Drink now-2020. Tasted June 2010.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Nov 2010


I find this a little austere with mineral, tar, and currant character. It's a little subdued. Full and silky on the palate, it's firm and bright, even tight. Served from imperial bottle.

James Suckling -, January 19th 2011


Dwarfed by its younger sibling, the 1990, the 1989 Chateau Margaux has a dark plum/garnet color and a big, sweet nose of new saddle leather, toasty oak, and weedy black cherry and cassis fruit. The wine is medium-bodied, with relatively elevated tannins, outstanding concentration and purity, but a somewhat clipped as well as compressed finish. This certainly outstanding wine has put on a bit of weight in its evolution in the bottle, but it is hardly one of the most profound efforts from Chateau Margaux. Anticipated maturity: 2006-2025. Last tasted, 10/02.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 2002

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