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2007 Margaux

By Chateau Margaux

2007 Margaux from Chateau Margaux, Bordeaux

The 2007 Margaux from Chateau Margaux immediately beckons with an allure that is uniquely its own. This vintage emerged from a year that challenged the vintners of Bordeaux with climatic whimsy, yet the prowess of Chateau Margaux's winemaking team shines through in this sophisticated blend. It is my pleasure to delve into the essence of this particular offering, renowned for its compelling narrative within an investment-worthy bottle.


Vintage Character: A Test of Resilience

The year 2007 unfurled with a capricious start in Bordeaux, meting out an unusually warm spring followed by a stint of moisture-laden months that elevated the task of vine tending. Despite these tests, the late season grace of dry, sunny days allowed those astute winemakers at Chateau Margaux to render a wine of surprisingly vibrant character. Careful selection and patient cultivation turned what could have been adversity into testimony to their craft.

This 2007 Margaux reveals a bouquet layered with dark fruits and hints of violet—a testament to the resilience and adaptability of the estate's time-honoured terroir. On tasting, it carries forth an elegantly mild tannic structure that permits immediate approachability; yet holds enough complexity to suggest a respectable cellaring potential.


Investment Potential: A Prudent Selection

For connoisseurs and investors alike, acquiring bottles like the 2007 Margaux from Chateau Margaux represents more than a mere transaction; it's a judicious commitment to quality. This particular vintage stands as one where the masterful handling of challenging conditions has yielded a wine that whispers tales of persistence and expertise.

Refined further by time, its value extends beyond its immediate sensory appeal—emerging as a prudent inclusion in the portfolio of any discerning wine investor seeking depth and distinction. It serves as an emblematic example of how formidable vineyards can yield grace under pressure.


Summary: Esteeming Elegance

In summary, the individuality of the 2007 Margaux from Chateau Margaux resonates with those who appreciate a narrative enfolded within their liquid assets. It is a vintage that reflects both the ephemeral nature of a single growing season and the indefatigable spirit of its producer—a worthy consideration for any comprehensive collection.

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Tasted blind at the 2007 Bordeaux horizontal in Southwold. The Chateau Margaux 2007 has a stoic, aristocratic bouquet of blackberry, cranberry leaf, graphite and smoke: very well defined and lifted with tobacco notes developing in the glass. Quintessential Pauillac. The palate has an understated entry with slightly degraded fruit, soft raspberry and cranberry, lovely well-integrated creamy oak with fine delineation and poise towards the finish that fades a little. The mouth is sensual compared to the nose. Tasted January 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Nov 2011


The elegant 2007 Chateau Margaux's purity, depth of fruit, and overall equilibrium are impressive. A dark ruby/purple color is accompanied by notes of spring flowers, black currants, and blackberries, a soft, lush, medium to full-bodied mouthfeel, and delicacy allied to impressive depth, texture, and length. Already drinkable, it should continue to offer exceptional pleasure for 15 or more years.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #188 April 2010


Tasted at BI Wine & Spirits' 10-Years-On tasting, the 2007 Chateau Margaux was just missing a little intensity on the nose compared to the other First Growths: scents of incense and iris, blackberry and tobacco, perhaps just missing the floral nature of other vintages. The palate is well balanced with supple black fruit laced with graphite and tobacco, fully matured but clearly with sufficient substance to last another 15-20 years. It is a capable Château Margaux, although frankly it does not put enough distance between itself and its Margaux peers, yapping at its heels. Tasted February 2017.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 June 2017

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