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1997 Palmer

By Chateau Palmer

1997 Palmer from Chateau Palmer, Margaux, Bordeaux

In the world of fine wine investment, revered vintages resonate with both depth and distinction. Among these, the 1997 Palmer from Chateau Palmer holds a special place, encapsulating not just the essence of Margaux terroir, but also the unique nuances that distinguish it in an investor's cellar.


A Year Defined by Patience and Precision

As enthusiasts will note, 1997 was a year fraught with climatic challenges across Bordeaux, leading to a harvest that demanded both patience and precision. It is in such challenging vintages that the true prowess of a winemaker at a prestigious estate like Chateau Palmer becomes evident. The result is this illustrious wine, which showcases the finesse achievable under less-than-perfect conditions through meticulous vineyard management and vinification.


The Tasting Experience: Subtlety and Maturity

Now at a stage of graceful maturity, the 1997 Palmer offers an articulated palate of black currant, truffle and delicate hints of violet—the signature fragrance of Margaux. It dances on the line between assertiveness and sophistication, expressing velvety tannins and an elegant structure that culminates in a sensually lingering finish. One finds here a sublime balance between acidity and fruitiness—a testament to the masterful ageing potential that serious collectors value.

The poise exhibited by this vintage is exemplary; it not merely reflects its storied origin but also embodies the adaptability of Chateau Palmer’s viticulture amidst varying seasonal patterns. For investors seeking to diversify their portfolio with a resilient yet lavish option, then consider this complex 1997 Palmer as a testament to Bordeaux's indomitable spirit.


Investment Worthy: The Rarity of Resilience

As we look towards viable investments in fine wines, certain qualities are non-negotiable—provenance, longevity and market demand. The 1997 Palmer from Chateau Palmer effortlessly commands attention on all these fronts. It renders itself not just as a hedonistic treasure for those fortunate enough to savour its allure, but also as a robust contender for investment acumen focused on rarity and resilience.

In summary, while the 1997 vintage faced challenges, the prowess of Chateau Palmer ensured that their release stands as one of consistency and excellence. A genuine privilege to have in one's collection, this wine exemplifies what makes wine investment simultaneously exciting and erudite—especially when you have an intimate understanding of each vintage's journey from vine to vault.

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Tasted three of four times. In February 2004: slight again on the rim. The nose seems to have aged with meaty, leathery notes and hot bricks. The palate has good depth, wild strawberry and saddle leather. The finish is a bit weaker than I remembered but still a good Palmer 1997.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal


A seductive style of Palmer, the 1997 will have many admirers (assuming they can afford it). It boasts a dark ruby/plum/purple color in addition to a seductive bouquet of sweet berry fruit, and an elegant, medium-bodied, fruit-driven, easy-going, fleshy personality. While there is little weight and density, the wine's harmony is excellent. Drink it over the next 8-9 years.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 20 April 2000

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