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2013 Palmer

By Chateau Palmer

2013 Palmer from Chateau Palmer, Margaux, Bordeaux

The highly acclaimed 2013 vintage from Chateau Palmer unfolds as a testament to the estate’s steadfast commitment to excellence amidst the challenges presented by a capricious Mother Nature. The '13 chapter for this storied marque stands as an embodiment of resilience and finesse.


Vintage Vicissitudes: A Dance with Nature

It is always a captivating narrative when a vaunted winemaker like Chateau Palmer confronts a Bordeaux vintage that oscillates between meteorological extremes. The weather patterns posed significant trials for the vineyards in Margaux throughout 2013, requiring acute vigilance and precision in viticulture practices. The result—indeed, against considerable odds—is a vintage of consummate balance and surprising delicacy.


Olfactory Elegance & Palate Poise

An intimate olfactory encounter with the 2013 Palmer reveals an orchestra of dark fruit aromas harmonised with subtle notes of violets and warm spices—an olfactory elegance that connoisseurs have come to cherish in the finest Margaux offerings. A palate poise follows, showcasing refined tannins and a measured acidity that eloquently speaks to the wine's restrained power and potential for graceful aging.

This vintage's particular character is marked by its restraint—the enigmatic dance between robust structure and refined elegance makes it ever so inviting. The 2013 Palmer sings with an understated complexity that belies its initial tasting; a profile destined to unfurl magnificently over time.

In terms of wine investment, the 2013 Palmer emerges as an astute acquisition; a collector’s piece promising maturation dividends. Its performance amidst climatic defiance heralds a nobility that will resonate profoundly with both investors and aficionados seeking an articulate expression of the year’s distinctive terroir.


The Sum of Tenacity and Terroir

Embracing this spotlight on Margaux majesty, the 2013 Palmer challenges and charms, showcasing a balance born of adversity. While not heralded as the most exuberant in Chateau Palmer's lineage, it is assuredly one of the more intellectually engaging offerings—a thoughtful investiture for any discerning collector or investor poised to appreciate its journey from vine to vintage splendour.

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The use of new oak was also cut back in order to emphasize the fruit aspects of the wine. Consequently, the 2013 Palmer is an easygoing, fruit-forward, fresh, pure wine with no vegetal characteristics or astringent tannins. This opaque purple-colored, medium-bodied, plush 2013 preserves some of its Margaux typicity even in this tough vintage. Drink it over the next decade. Palmer’s administrator, Thomas Duroux, realized that 2013 was going to be a year requiring huge amounts of labor and a draconian-like selection. Only 3,800 cases of 2013 Palmer were produced from a blend of 49% Merlot and 51% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2014

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