Chateau Duhart Milon Rothschild   Duhart Milon Rothschild

1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild

By Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild

1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild, Pauillac from Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild, Bordeaux, France

In the pantheon of Bordeaux's storied past, the 1998 vintage stands distinguished for delivering grace under climatic pressure. The 1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild from Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild definitively encapsulates the resilience and character of Pauillac in this challenging year. This vintage is a testament to meticulous vineyard management and skilled winemaking that flourished despite the variables brought by Mother Nature.


An Enthralling Encounter with Elegance

1998 conjured a series of climatic events that put winemakers to the test. The season started with a wet spring, followed by a notably dry and sunny September which offered salvation and set the stage for sound grape maturation. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend that composes 1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild benefitted enormously from this late-season reprieve. It gave rise to a wine of admirable concentration with a bouquet laced with dark fruits, hints of cigar box and subtle earthy undertones. Its tannins have matured commendably, bestowing a supple framework on which the fruit resonance harmoniously rides.


Investment Potential in Liquid Form

The 1998 vintage from Pauillac might not have garnered the immediate adulation seen in more heralded years; however, it has emerged as one that astute investors appreciate for its elegance and longevity. The 1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild is aptly poised as an astute addition to any portfolio. Its judicious aging potential continues to unfold layers of complexity that can only augur well for both its taste profile and investment value.

The wine showcases a Pauillac's power tempered by time into an alluring finesse—a fitting tribute to what can be achieved in a reputed Bordelais terroir under challenging circumstances. Now at an optimal stage of maturity, it offers both immediate drinking pleasure and the promise of continued evolution for those who choose patience.



The journey of appreciating fine wines such as the 1998 Duhart-Milon Rothschild from Chateau Duhart-Milon Rothschild often interlaces the historical tapestry of its vintage with present indulgence. As seasons are sealed within bottles, they narrate stories; here, the tale is one of endurance, mastery, and ultimately, triumph on the palate—qualities that render this wine not just drinkable art but also a sophisticated choice for investment.

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This dense ruby/purple-colored blend of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon and 33% Merlot has filled out nicely during its upbringing in wood. It exhibits a fruitcake, cedar, spice box, plum, black raspberry, and currant-scented bouquet, excellent richness, moderate levels of sweet tannin, fine purity, and a complex style. Anticipated maturity: 2005-2020. Produced by the Rothschild's brilliant administrator, Charles Chevalier, Duhart Milon is a wine to watch.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 April 2001

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