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1990 Clos des Lambrays

By Domaine des Lambrays

1990 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays

The esteemed 1990 vintage for Burgundy reds is a touchstone for collectors and enthusiasts alike, standing as one of the memorable hallmarks of the last century. Within this vintage's storied catalogue, the 1990 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays presents a particularly spellbinding chapter, showcasing not only the excellence of the year but the deft craftsmanship at this storied estate.


A Vintage Par Excellence

The climatic conditions of 1990 in Burgundy were a vigneron's dream: a mild winter was followed by an early spring, transitioning into a summer that balanced heat and rain with near-metronomic precision—resulting in grapes of optimal ripeness and concentration. The 1990 Clos des Lambrays carries this legacy with aplomb, offering a tapestry of flavours that has evolved exquisitely over three decades in bottle.


Profound Complexity & Unmistakable Terroir

On the palate, one can discern layers of black cherry, earthy undertones, and a tantalising suggestion of truffle, trademarks indicative of the Morey-Saint-Denis appellation. The tannins have mellowed to a silken finesse that only time can bestow, while the wine's structure remains resolutely majestic. This wine is not merely a testament to its celebratory vintage—it is a tribute to the masterpiece that can arise when nature's generosity meets human artistry.

An essential acquisition for those with an eye for both prestige and potential, the 1990 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays stands as an exemplary investment. Its stature has only been magnified with time—a trait that becomes increasingly apparent with every test of patience. As it continues to unfurl its complexity with each passing year, seasoned collectors understand that this remarkable Burgundy is one for both the cellar and the annals of vinous history.


The Quintessence of Fine Wine Investment

In conclusion, as we reflect upon the extraordinary 1990 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, I am delighted to reiterate its emblematic representation of both an exceptional vintage and supreme winemaking skill. Affording such fine wine to grace one’s cellar is to possess a slice of enological grandeur—a truly ceremonial acquisition that magnifies any sophisticated portfolio.

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The 1990 Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru is drinking well, offering up an expressive bouquet of smoky plums, sweet forest floor and summer truffles that avoid the extremes of torrefaction that some wines from this vintage display. On the palate, it's medium-bodied, supple and satiny, with fresh acids, moderate concentration and depth and stony structuring tannins that still gently assert themselves on the finish. Fully mature, there's no reason to defer pulling corks.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 28 December 2018

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