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1995 Clos des Lambrays

By Domaine des Lambrays

1995 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, Burgundy, France

In the tapestry of vintages gracing the noble slopes of Burgundy, the 1995 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays threads a particularly vivacious narrative. With the passage of time further burnishing its charm, this vintage has transitioned into a stage where tertiary nuances are elegantly asserting their presence alongside preserved youthful vibrancy.


A Season Graced with Balance

The year 1995 was a laudable harvest; a season that offered balanced climatic conditions lending vigor and structure to the wines birthed from its days. It was a year where the sun's warmth was met with sufficient rainfall, ensuring enriched terroir expression while steering clear of extremities that might overshadow finesse with force.

The 1995 Clos des Lambrays captivates with an olfactory anthology that recites tales of ripe cherries and seasoned earth, overlaying the dusky aroma of truffles—a nod, perhaps, to its revered terroir. The wine dances on the palate with an entrancing equilibrium between suppleness and structure, revealing layers of macerated fruits interlaced with a fine tannic weave.


An Oenophile's Treasure Trove

Undoubtedly, for the astute wine investor or enthusiast, it is this marriage of complexity and balance that makes the 1995 vintage a compelling addition to any collection. Domaine des Lambrays has manifested its craftsmanship magnificently here; reflecting a profound understanding of its vines and an intuitive appreciation of the vintage's inherent character.

In savouring the 1995 Clos des Lambrays, one is not merely enjoying a glass of wine; it is an exploration into depth, a voyage guided by every nuanced sip. Its aging potential has been gracefully realised—yet it still holds whispers of promises for continued evolution.

This cherished parcel from Burgundy carries distinction and heritage within each drop: a testament to Domaine des Lambrays' commitment to excellence and an exquisite example of why the 1995 Clos des Lambrays is deserving of attention as both an experiential delight and as an astute addition to investment portfolios.

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This deep-colored wine has a darker-scented nose than its sibling's, and reveals the same pepper and black fruit scents, yet does not have the herbal component. Very spicy, it is a thickly-textured, full-bodied, dense, and expansive wine redolent with a massive juniper berry, clove, cinnamon, meaty, wild game, brambleberry, mineral, stone, and cassis-liqueur-flavored core. This complex, tightly-wound, and firmly structured wine demands cellaring. Drink it between 2005 and 2015. Importer: Peter Weygandt, Weygandt-Metzler, Unionville, PA; tel. (610) 486-0800.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 1998

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