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2000 Clos des Lambrays

By Domaine des Lambrays

2000 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, Morey-Saint-Denis, Burgundy

As the Millennium turned, the heralded terroirs of Burgundy had impeccably captured the essence of their climatic gift—a vintage that reverberated through cellars and tasting circles alike. None more so than the 2000 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, a narrative steeped in refinement and complexity.


Millennium Marvel: A Standout Vintage

Within the hallowed vestiges of Morey-Saint-Denis, the Grand Cru lie in wait undisturbed; however, upon uncorking the 2000 Clos des Lambrays, one encounters a bouquet that intertwines ripened cherries with subtle earthy undertones—an aromatic primer before the first sip. The palate reveals generous layers of silky blackberry, complemented by hints of truffle and a well-integrated oaken presence—a remarkable convergence of time-honored viticulture and adept barrel maturation.


Savouring Sophistication: Investment-Worthy Elegance

The astute investor knows that the allure of such a vintage lies not only in its complexity but also in its graceful aging potential. This prestigious cuvée represents an attractive addition to collections focused on longevity and pedigree. With decades of cellar life predicted, the 2000 Clos des Lambrays has traversed its early vivacity towards a plateau where nuanced elegance becomes the principal character.

An exquisite demonstration of what makes Burgundian mastery a cornerstone for fine wine investors—the 2000 Clos des Lambrays delineates itself through precise balance, serene depth and an indomitable expression of terroir. It asserts its grandeur with a quiet confidence that is second to none.

In summarisation, this exemplary wine encapsulates a millennial climax for red Burgundies—a vinous experience that behooves contemplation over lingering dinners or as a centrepiece within an esteemed connoisseur's collection. Elegant, complex, and assuredly poised for further maturation, it is one of those wines that perpetually whispers its worth in every glass.

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An overperformer in a challenging vintage, the 2000 Clos des Lambrays Grand Cru is drinking beautifully, bursting with aromas of incense, dark chocolate, raspberries, plums and grilled game bird. On the palate, it's medium to full-bodied, satiny and layered, with sweet tannins and a rich core of fruit. The wine is at its peak, even in magnum, so readers with bottles in their cellars shouldn't hesitate to open them.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 28 December 2018

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