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2003 Clos des Lambrays

By Domaine des Lambrays

2003 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, Grand Cru, Burgundy, France

The 2003 vintage in Burgundy was a year that will forever be etched in the annals of viticulture as one marked by the stentorian heatwave that swept across Europe. Such climatic extravagance had a profound impact on the vineyards, and yet, the 2003 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays emerged as a testament to the estate's resilience and wine-making prowess.


A Vintage Sculpted by Heat

Amidst such torrid conditions, one might expect the wines to lack balance; however, the 2003 Clos des Lambrays defies expectations. The heatwave concentrated the fruit, bestowing upon this Grand Cru an opulence uncommon in Burgundian Pinot Noir. Redolent with dark cherries and sumptuous plums, it also presents an intriguing undercurrent of earthiness and truffles – a supernal mirroring of its treasured terroir.

What strikes one most is the delicate interplay between ripeness and acidity which has been so masterfully presided over by the vigneron. Despite the emphasis on fruit-forward characteristics prompted by the scorching summer, there's an enlivening acidity that ensures this vintage remains firmly grounded in the heartland of fine Burgundian style.


An Investment-Grade Vintage

The 2003 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays presents not just a tasting pleasure but also a robust investment opportunity. Perceptibly, it's a collector's item for any investor seeking to diversify with vintages that showcase both resiliency and rarity. Its performance on both palates and markets attests to its standing as one of the more storied offerings from this illustrious year.

In closing, this vintage encapsulates a moment in time where nature's fiery brushstrokes painted across Burgundian canvases resulted in a wine that is both evocative of its season and yet, remarkably balanced. The 2003 Clos des Lambrays is undeniably an ideal acquisition for those who appreciate poise amid potency in their Burgundy selections.

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Aged in 75% new oak, the tobacco, blackberry, leather, and tar-scented 2003 Clos des Lambrays is medium to full-bodied, dense, and chewy. Hugely tannic yet concentrated and deep, this is a brooding chocolate, plum, blackberry, spice, smoky mineral, and black raspberry-flavored wine. Uncivilized and firm, it will benefit from cellaring. Projected maturity: 2009-2020. Importer: Weygandt-Metzler, Peter Weygandt, Unionville, PA; tel. (610) 486-0800

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 28 August 2005

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