Domaine des Lambrays   Clos des Lambrays

2004 Clos des Lambrays

By Domaine des Lambrays

2004 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays, Grand Cru, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of Burgundy's esteemed vineyards, the 2004 Clos des Lambrays from Domaine des Lambrays gracefully asserts its position. The vintage tells a tale of a year marked by early promise followed by challenges – a testing summer with heat and rainfall concluding to an unanticipatedly gracious autumn.


Precise Pedigree: A Testament to Terroir and Technique

The 2004 Clos des Lambrays swiftly dispels any preconceived notions about the vintage's hurdles, showcasing an admirable synthesis of adept winemaking and terroir resilience. Domaine des Lambrays' pivotal role in nurturing their cherished parcel of Grand Cru vineyard has yielded a creation that stands as a testament to the marriage of human endeavour and nature's mantle.


A Vintage Withstanding Time’s Trial

The vicissitudes of the 2004 growing season in Burgundy culminated in wines that required patience – and the Clos des Lambrays is without exemption. Nestling into maturity, the wine reveals a poised balance between red fruit vigour - characteristic of younger wines - and the burgeoning complexity of secondary flavours that only time imparts. The palate is greeted with layers of dark cherry, damp earth, and lingering spice, which speak softly but confidently of its noble pedigree.

Particularly compelling is this wine’s potential as an investable asset. The 2004 Clos des Lambrays has navigated through its initial post-release uncertainty to emerge as a specimen embodying both poise and ageing might – attributes coveted by discerning collectors and investors alike.

In conclusion, the story of the 2004 vintage at Domaine des Lambrays is one of triumph. As with fine tapestry, the intricacies and colours come together more harmoniously as time progresses; so it has been with this celebrated nectar. It suggests not simply conservation for future pleasure but presents a wise choice for those looking to enrich their portfolios with a venerable Burgundian gem.

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