Domaine du Comte Liger Belair   Echezeaux Grand Cru

2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru

By Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair

2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair

Amidst the vast constellation of Burgundy’s prestigious crus, the 2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair emerges with a poise that truly sets it apart. This particular vintage encapsulates the finesse a connoisseur seeks while traversing the striking terroirs of this legendary wine region.


The Harmony of Climate and Craft

The 2014 vintage in Burgundy was one coloured by initial concerns due to climatic caprice yet ultimately applauded for its surprising triumph. Against such backdrop, Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair proved their masterful adaptability, transforming challenge into opportunity. Tireless attention in the vineyard followed by deft winemaking yielded an Echezeaux of noteworthy balance and complexity.


An Ode to Terroir: The 2014 Vintage Characteristics

The splendour of the 2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru lies in its eloquent expression of terroir. On the palate, one discerns layers of ripe red cherries and sumptuous plums interwoven with subtle earthy nuances characteristic of Vosne-Romanée's prized vineyards. The incredibly harmonious interplay between fruit, minerality, and silken tannins illustrates a year wherein nature’s modest bounty was transformed into a wine that speaks vibrantly of its origins.

The vintage is further distinguished by its poignant aromatics—an enchanting bouquet of violet and spice that beckons one into the glass. Poised with an energy that is indicative of impeccable ageability, yet with an approachability that entices immediate gratification, this Echezeaux showcases the enchanting duality within 2014’s harvest.


A Vintage Worthy of Investment

For investors seeking treasures beyond mere financial return, this 2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is an acquisition that promises both sensory delight and collectibility. It stands as a testament to the resilience and potential of Burgundy's winemakers in a year that demanded every ounce of their skill. Thought, care, and passion have sculpted this liquid gem that patiently waits to unfurl its narrative in years to come.

To savour this wine is to embrace an embodiment of Burgundy's enduring legacy—a legacy steeped in the alchemy of time, soil, and human touch. The 2014 Echezeaux Grand Cru from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair is indeed a beacon for fine wine connoisseurs and savvy collectors alike.

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The 2014 Echézeaux Grand Cru has a sense of volume on the nose, which is fairly uncommon in this vintage, with copious black cherries, raspberry coulis and pomegranate scents that gain intensity with aeration. The palate is very pure, silky in the mouth and very harmonious with a silver bead of acidity threaded from start to finish; it maintains a sense of symmetry and linearity through to the sustained finish. This has very fine precision, but like others, it will need several years in bottle.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015


The 2014 Echézeaux Grand Cru delivered in barrel, but more crucially, would it deliver in bottle... when you might be able to drink it? Well, the answer is yes. It has a very pure blueberry, raspberry and mint-tinged bouquet that opens nicely in the glass, almost Suchots-like in style. The palate is medium-bodied with fine tannin and a silver bead of acidity. It feels saline in the mouth with superb cohesion towards the finish. Everything is in its right place here and although I can see this closing down for some time, it should ultimately turn into an outstanding Echezeaux. Tasted November 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 June 2017

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