Gaja   Sori Tildin

2003 Sori Tildin

By Gaja

The 2003 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The 2003 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja beautifully encapsulates the radiant warmth and dazzling ripeness that defined this particular vintage. Hailing from Piedmont, one of the most respected regions for fine wines from Italy, it embodies the allure this area holds for discerning wine investors.


A Vintage Resplendent with Nature's Generosity

The vintage was a sun-bathed paragon, with generous heat bestowing superb concentration of fruit. This advantage was deftly captured by Gaja in the 2003 Sorì Tildìn, displaying their winemaking prowess in harnessing nature's caprices to their advantage.

Despite the warmer conditions, the laudable genius of Gaja lies in imbuing the wine with a degree of finesse and complexity that never succumbs to overbearing richness. Its unyielding structure and nimble tannins suspend alluring layers of dark cherries, exotic spices, tobacco and vanilla in a harmonious tableau.


Piedmont's Contribution To Wine Investment Landscape

Investors see immense value in Gaja’s ability to both honor tradition and pioneer innovation. In this respect, the 2003 Sorì Tildìn stands testament to the estate’s unfaltering commitment to showcasing Piedmont's prowess on the global wine stage.

The triumphant expression of the Nebbiolo grape in this bottle sings a melodious hallelujah to the sun-drenched vines kissed by Piedmont's generous climate in 2003. It is poised between silkiness enveloped in opulence and graceful freshness tapering into an elegant finish - a validation, indeed, of this wine region’s incredible potential.


Reverberating Refinement: The 2003 Sorì Tildìn

The 2003 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja is an emblematic testament to the winery's commitment to crafting supreme wines regardless of the vintage conditions. A tribute to the sun-soaked Piedmontese vineyards of 2003, it reflects a rare harmony of power, richness and finesse – a dexterously woven tapestry that renders it an enchanting asset for any discerning wine investor.

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Even in the super-hot 2003 vintage, Gaja’s Sori Tildin displays its pedigree, with its dark ruby color, finely nuanced, detailed aromatics and layers of ripe red fruit that gradually reveal themselves as this exquisite wine sits in the glass. Offering extraordinary depth of expression as well length on the palate along with great overall balance, it is another remarkable wine from Angelo Gaja. As is usually the case, I also find it to be the most classic of the single-vineyard wines. Anticipated maturity: 2013-2025. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2006

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