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2007 Sori Tildin

By Gaja

2007 Sorì Tildìn from Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

The 2007 iteration of the iconic Sorì Tildìn from Gaja is one to stir the senses and invigorate the palate of any discerning investor. Angelo Gaja, restless innovator and indefatigable vintner, has once again affirmed his reputation as an unrivalled craftsman of Piedmont's famed Nebbiolo grape, allowing the virtues of the 2007 season to shine resplendently in this striking vintage.


A symphony of satori from 2007

The fair weather conditions in Piedmont during the year led to a bountiful harvest, and the resulting 2007 Sorì Tildìn resonates with a symphony of extraordinary complexity that only Gaja could orchestrate. The abundance of sunshine and optimal rainfall led to early maturation of the Nebbiolo grapes that year, lending an especially ripened fruit flavor profile to this fine Italian wine without losing any of its renowned elegance and longevity.

In characteristic fashion, this vintage strikes a harmonious balance between structured tannins and vivacious fruit tones, making it a wine wholly emblematic of both its vaunted creator and its distinctive year.


Marrying tradition with innovation

As Gaja continues their tradition melded with trailblazing techniques, Sorì Tildìn 2007 broods in Barrique barrels prior to blending. The meticulous vinification bestows upon the fine Nebbiolo an intense ruby-garnet hue—a compelling foreword to a robust palate imbued with the velvety delicacy typical of Gaja and underscored by potent yet polished tannins.

Smarty terraced on steep slopes, the Sorì Tildìn vineyard is a fecund source of extraordinary wine grapes. Encased within Piedmont's generous folds, this vineyard is remarkable for its terroir that expresses spectacularly in the 2007 Sorì Tildìn. The resonant minerality, invigorating freshness, and lingering Italian finesse all converge to create a magnificently expressive vintage.

2007 Sorì Tildìn, one of Gaja's ace offerings, demonstrates a visionary approach to viticulture, reinforcing the winery's status as an exceptional investment opportunity when seeking illustrious fine wines from Italy.


The sipping on (investment) sunshine

Dabbling in the world of wine investment never tasted so divine or felt so prudent. Evoking vivid images of Piedmontese sunshine infused in each glass, the Sorì Tildìn 2007 sings in enchanting notes of ripe raspberry, rose petals, and subtle undertones of truffle; a testament to its provenance as well as its vintage. The captivating crescendo of flavor reverberates long after each sip, making this fine Italian wine a magnificent contender for a patient oenophile's portfolio.

A glassful of Italy's hidden treasures unfolds in the hands of a savvy connoisseur with this exquisite 2007 vintage from Gaja—a blissful interlude that extols the virtues of fine wine investment.

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The 2007 Langhe Sori Tildin opens with a huge, kaleidoscopic bouquet that immediately draws me in. A remarkably vivid wine, the sensual Sori Tildin caresses the palate with silky, textured fruit, showing incredible power, length and class. There is a transparency to the wine that is beguiling. Once again, the finish is eternal. Sori Tildin is one of Gaja’s more nuanced wines, and in 2007 it is breathtakingly beautiful. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2037. My most recent visit to Gaja was quite an experience, as I tasted all of the estate’s 1989s, 1990s and 2007s. The 1989s and 1990s are reviewed in this issue’s What About Now feature. Angelo Gaja, always loquacious on a wide range of subjects, says virtually nothing about his wines, an approach I have increasingly come to appreciate in an era where so many producers are constantly in pitch mode. Then again, Gaja doesn’t really need to say anything, the wines speak for themselves. I tasted the 2007s at the winery in November 2009 and then again in New York in January 2010. Both times they were spectacular. Stylistically the 2007s remind me of the 1997s in terms of their opulence. Gaja’s wines are often immensely appealing when young – which is certainly the case with the 2007s – but then close down in bottle for a number of years, sometimes many years. My impression is that the Costa Russi and Conteisa are the most likely of these 2007s to offer the widest drinking windows throughout their lives with a minimum of cellaring. Fermentation and malolactic fermentation take place in steel. The wines then spend approximately one year in French oak and a second year in cask prior to being bottled. As has been the case for a number of years now, Gaja’s Langhe wines incorporate a small percentage of Barbera. On a final note, it’s great to see Gaja’s daughters Gaia and Rossana increasingly involved in the winery. They, and their younger brother Giovanni, have big shoes to fill, but couldn’t have asked for better teachers than Angelo and Lucia Gaja. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604 8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 26 February 2010

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