Gaja   Sperss

1997 Sperss

By Gaja

1997 Sperss from Gaja, Italy

The 1997 Sperss from Gaja offers a startling climax to a memorable climatic chapter in the fertile hills of Piedmont in North West Italy. This Nebbiolo-bred ensemble personifies the delicate tension between power and grace that was so evident in that particular weather whipped vintage.


Strong Roots, Exquisite Results

Characterised by its resistance to both the summer's prolonged heatwave and ensuing abrupt cool preceding the harvest season, the 1997 Sperss reveals an inherently defiant spirit. But this defiance was not without reward. The resulting wine beautifully intertwines generous notes of ripe cherries, plums and roses with subtle undertones of licorice and truffle.

The body is full but fine-tuned, bearing witness to winemaking know-how that subtly enhances Mother Nature’s raw materials. Each sip is a testament to the legacy that Gaja has upheld in shaping Nebbiolo's resonant character for over a century.


Investing in Liquid Luxury

The '97 vintage was long heralded as a lucrative investment among fine wines from Italy, and two decades later, its grandeur endures with propitious complexity for those patient enough to age it. In fact, the rare quality of this vintage proves it worthy of potential addition to any discerning wine collector or investor’s repertoire.


A Symphony of Flavours

The '97 Sperss exhibits a lively expression of the unique terroir of its birthplace-- hints of vanilla play with thrilling whispers of roasted coffee beans. The persistent finish carries forth an intriguing combination of sweet tannins and striking minerality.

In essence, the 1997 Sperss from Gaja is an exquisite testament to the dramatic climatic year it trekked and emerged victorious. A genuine masterpiece of viniculture, it's a radiant expression of unyielding passion and expertise from cradle to bottle.

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A virtually perfect effort is the 1997 Sperss (30,000 bottles), which represents the essence of truffles, earth, and black cherries in its striking aromatics and multidimensional, opulent, full-bodied palate. The acidity seems low because of the huge glycerin levels and prodigious concentration of fruit, but I suspect it is normal in the scheme of oenological measurement. This profound wine requires 3-4 years of cellaring, and should age well for 30-35 years. A genius for sure, Angelo Gaja can not be faulted for what he puts in the bottle. This work of art is worth every cent it will fetch. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-89000

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 June 2001

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