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1999 Sperss

By Gaja

1999 Sperss from Gaja, Barolo, Italy

An umbrella of fine wines from Italy enchants the most discerning palates, and buried in the heart of this delightful assortment lies the notable 1999 Sperss from Gaja. Gaja's portfolio is a collection of flawless gems, yet each vintage has unique characteristics to be relished. Fine wine investors who have had the pleasure, label the 1999 Sperss as a magnificent testament to Angelo Gaja's attentive craftsmanship.


Distinctive personality beautifully realised

The year 1999 was regarded with much anticipation - touted as an exceptional vintage for wines from Piedmont. The climatic conditions were favorable towards late ripening varieties such as Nebbiolo, which sparkled under the warmth, and beckoned an early harvest. The favorable weather conditions influenced the style of the 1999 Sperss from Gaja, elevating its status among fine wine enthusiasts.

This classic red rivals some of its senior vintages in terms of quality and longevity. On the palate, it leaves traces of ripe berries accentuated by spice, while displaying a robust tannic backbone that signals exceptional aging capabilities.


Investing in Liquid Assets

Fine wine investing pivots around impeccable choices that balance quality and potential appreciation. Cult Wine offers such a platform for fine wine investors to explore and invest wisely. The 1999 Sperss from Gaja is a vivid embodiment of this principle with its combination of a well-regarded producer, superior vintage conditions, admirable reviews, and exquisite taste.

It continues to mature well in bottle and is expected to reach its peak maturity over the next ten years. This longevity, coupled with limited production, underpins its appeal for those seeking fruitful returns on their investment.

In conclusion, whether enjoyed up close or held as an investment, the 1999 Sperss from Gaja is a remarkable representation of the splendid years of Italy's Barolo region.

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The 1999 Sperss, from Serralunga d’Alba, is logically more backward than the Conteisa, a blast of tar, licorice, and chocolate on the nose, opulent, dense, very firm and structured on the palate, mouthfilling and chewy in texture, and in need of time. Anticipated maturity: 2006-2025. Importer: Paterno Imports, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-89000

Daniel Thomases - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2003

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