Gaja   Sperss

2002 Sperss

By Gaja

The 2002 Sperss from Gaja, An Epitome of Fine Italian Vintage

Angelo Gaja has been known to push the boundaries of Italian wine, and the 2002 Sperss from Gaja is no exception. Sperss, holding a coveted position in the Gaja portfolio, will reward patient collectors with its unquestionable ability to age with grace and complexity. Conversely, those keen on earlier drinking are unlikely to be dissatisfied.


Captivating Ensemble of Aromas

The nose of the 2002 Sperss is a captivating ensemble of ripe black cherries and wild dark berries, intermingling with sensations of post-rainfall soil, truffle, espresso and refreshing mint. The bouquet tells a tale of the vintage's weather rather eloquently; sporadic showers followed by periods of calm warmth that brought about this unique blend of attributes.


The Year That Challenged Tradition

The year 2002 was a challenging one, peppered with unpredictability that demanded an uncompromising attention to detail. Yet, what makes this experience worthwhile is the elegant complexity and profound depth these conditions brewed within the wine.

This particular vintage saw an unwelcoming rain-soaked spring that led into a surprisingly dry and warm summer, allowing an indulgent ripeness to settle upon the Nebbiolo grapes. Indeed, these subtleties thus amplify the charm of Sperss and serve as reminders of its resilience in face of adversity.


Leaping Forward Towards Richness

The persistent notes of licorice and sage make a compelling leap forward on the palate, underpinning the pulsating richness and staggering depth that shines throughout the evolution of this wine. Though carefully structured with holding tannins, the 2002 Sperss does justice to Gaja's reputation for producing wines of formidable yet approachable standards.

As one of the monumental fine wines from Italy in 2002, Sperss from Gaja is an investment candidate that you may want to take under your consideration in your portfolio. Created in a year of climatic unpredictability, it showcases the victorious struggle of the Nebbiolo grapes baring testimony to the mettle of both human talent and nature's impromptu events.

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