Gaja   Sperss

2005 Sperss

By Gaja

2005 Sperss by Gaja, Piedmont, Italy

As a seasoned oenophile, the 2005 Sperss from Gaja presents a captivating narrative of the renowned Nebbiolo wine variety in an exceptional vintage year. Vintner Angelo Gaja, renowned for his revolutionary practices in the traditionally reserved Piedmontese region, showcases his expertise with this vintage, demonstrating why Gaja is considered cornerstones amidst fine wines from Italy.


A Symphony of Complex Flavours

The drama of 2005 climatic conditions in Piedmont have been elegantly captured and skilfully transmuted into this multifaceted offering. The wine's colour bewitches with an intense garnet hue, while on the nose, suggestive notes of mocha and truffle, followed by an underscore of mature berries and dried roses affirm the vivacious complexity that is characteristic of Gaja's mastery.

This symphony of sensations continues on the palate with firm yet ripe tannins coiling around a striking core of fruit concentration. A noticeable delivery of mineral undertones and sweet spice makes a lasting impression on the finish, reflecting the formidable charm of Langhe Nebbiolo from an unforgettable vintage.


Investment Worth its Weight in Grapes

The 2005 Sperss from Gaja stands tall as one of those prodigious vintages repaying investors with healthy dividends not only in financial values but also in sensory pleasure and bragging rights. Its early harmony and alluring complexity predicates promising cellar longevity making it a worthy addition to any discerning wine investment portfolio.

Be it the seductive allure of Italy's fine wines or the strategic excavation into fine wine investment opportunities, the 2005 Sperss by Gaja emerges as an illustrious beacon in an expansive sea of vino finery.

In conclusion, the 2005 Sperss stands as a rousing testament to Gaja's dedication, producing a sensational dram that aptly reflects the electricity of Piedmont's 2005 vintage, flexing both emotional resonance and investment caliber.

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The 2005 Sperss is simply gorgeous in its layers of super-ripe black fruit, smoke, licorice, French oak, new leather and spices. As is the case with most wines in this vintage, the 2005 Sperss is relatively compact and two-dimensional yet it offers outstanding balance in an easygoing style for this wine. Gaja’s vineyards in Serralunga are some of the best-exposed plots in the zone, and that clearly was a help here. Anticipated maturity: 2012-2022. Angelo Gaja’s 2005s from the Barolo zone don’t match the level of his wines from Barbaresco, which are far more harmonious and complete in this vintage. Although Gaja is one of Italy’s most consistent producers, these wines prove that, despite his considerable gifts, he is human. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604 8900

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2009

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