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2009 Sperss

By Gaja

2009 Sperss from Gaja, Langhe, Italy

The grandiose 2009 Sperss from Gaja, rooted in the sundrenched terroirs of Langhe, is a testament to the magnificent power of an exceptional vintage. Angelo Gaja's son, Gaia Gaja, continues his father's legacy of producing redolent wines that capture the essence and vitality of Italian wine craftsmanship.


An emblem of prime Nebbiolo potency

This liquid epitome of time, earth, and human brilliance marries the intensity and muscular attributes of Serralunga with the aromatic complexity and fleshiness typical to Barolo. Its intense ruby red hue subtly whispers of its unseen complex personality. The remarkable weather conditions of 2009 have etched their mark into this fine specimen of Italian wine - it is Gaja’s brilliance distilled into a captivating bottle.

A naturally late-harvested Nebbiolo, amplified by careful cultivation and ageing, this wine exudes temptation with cherry notes wrapped in velvety tannins and a delicate hint of truffle. Unwrapping further savoury layers reveals the prowess hidden within.


Investment-worthy Italian marvel

Considered a benchmark in Piedmontese winemaking, the 2009 Sperss from Gaja presents compelling returns for devoted wine investors. Wines with such profound depth are synonymous with rarity and add intrinsic value to any well-curated portfolio.

In a remarkably harmonious vintage such as 2009, the climatic conditions fostered an environment conducive to crafting wines of superior quality with tantalising age-worthiness. The rise in enthusiast demand for top-tier Nebbiolo further underscores this Sperss's investment value.

The 2009 Sperss from Gaja is the embodiment of Italian wine artistry. Deep in its roots, rich in heredity, enhanced by the stunning terroir that mother nature offered up in 2009 - it unconditionally reserves its place amongst Italy's most celebrated wines. The vintage whispers a powerful story of a magnificent harvest transformed into a mesmerising libation - one worthy of both celebration and investment.

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The 2009 Sperss sees fruit sourced from Serralunga d’Alba and those telltale signs of the territory are definitely on full display. The power, added structure and thicker density of the wine speak to this corner of the Barolo denomination. Bold cherry and spice are rounded off by leather, tobacco and a touch of toasted Alba hazelnut. The finish is soft and caressing even at this young stage, yet the wine still needs more time to evolve. Anticipated maturity: 2018-2038. Just a short while ago, in the midst of one of Italy’s darkest political hours when forming a functioning government seemed like an exercise in futility, someone sent me a Facebook petition proposing Angelo Gaja as a candidate for President of the Republic of Italy. Although Angelo himself would brush it off as jest, that seedling of a (good) idea took the Internet by firestorm. What he has demonstrated over the years, besides from his infectious enthusiasm and keen ability to communicate his thoughts with brilliant clarity and gumption, is a natural ability for leadership. Barbaresco is lucky to have an Angelo Gaja, the Langhe is lucky to have him, and Italy is, too. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 27 June 2013

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