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2010 Sperss

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2010 Sperss from Gaja, a landmark vintage

Breathing with the life and spirit of its Piedmont region, the 2010 Sperss from Gaja is a testament to the stellar lineage of fine wines from Italy. A bold Nebbiolo, Sperss exhibits how elegance and power can coexist in harmonious fashion.


Decoding the magic of 2010 vintage

What sets this 2010 vintage apart is the culmination of near-perfect climatic conditions and an exceptional harvest. Beauty in a bottle, the wine unleashes intense black cherries, white truffles, fresh violets and delicate spices in an aroma that dances defiantly in the senses. Indeed, Gaja’s traditional approach to Nebbiolo is expertly showcased here.

The majestic tannin structure paired with its vibrant acidity loyal to the vintage lends an impressive energy to the palate. Completing the choreography with an enduring finish, makes it undeniably captivating for fine wine investors globally.


The '2010 Sperss' investment potential

The 2010 vintage was marked by dramatic diurnal temperature exchanges that helped preserve the much-acclaimed natural acidity of the Nebbiolo grape. All these factors have remarkably bored through in this wine. As such, it is anticipated that the 2010 Sperss from Gaja promises a steady appreciation in value over time.

Critical acclaim and rarity make it special-du-jour for discerning fine wine investors. Best savoured after cellaring for a few more years, it offers more than just profitable investment potential - where you invest not just monetarily but emotionally into something beautiful.

In essence, be it for investment potential or for pure oenophilic pleasure, the 2010 Sperss would not disappoint. Partaking in a bottle of this timeless Gaja classic involves not just tasting but experiencing the carefully vinified labour of love from every sun-kissed vineyard within its home terrains.

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The 2010 Sperss delivers a broad approach to the bouquet with bold flavors of red fruit, spice and milk chocolate that caress the palate. The wine sports a broad frame with beautiful fruit filling at its core. The tannins in Sperss are very firm and structured and this wine won’t be ready for five to ten more years. Drink: 2018-2040. I have some happy news to report from the exciting world of Angelo Gaja. The estate that was notoriously difficult (if not impossible) to visit for those outside the wine trade is now opening its doors to the public. There is a steep entrance fee, but the scheme makes perfect sense in my option. Any wine lover can make an appointment to tour the estate and sample wine for up to 300 euros a person. The money must be paid to charity as none of the proceeds go to Gaja. If you have a favorite non-profit organization, make a donation in that amount. Once you send receipt of payment to Gaja’s tasting room staff, your visit will be granted. It sounds like a fair exchange to me. Importer: Terlato Wines International,

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 25 June 2014

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