Gaja   Sperss

2011 Sperss

By Gaja

2011 Sperss from Gaja, Langhe-Nebbiolo, Italy

One must never overlook the unveiling of each distinct iteration from prestigious Italian wine producer, Gaja. But the 2011 Sperss from Gaja proves why every vintage deserves its moment of delirious reverence in the spotlight of fine wines from Italy.


Gaja excels in an unpredictable terroir

The 2011 vintage was characterized by unusual climatic conditions–hot, dry spells bookended by cooler temperatures. These precarious conditions pushed Gaja’s viticultural prowess to its limit, and the resulting Sperss is a testament to their revered capability to adapt and excel even amidst the caprice of Mother Nature.

The 2011 Sperss flaunts a captivating tableau of voluptuous red fruits: cherries steeped in a spiced brew punctuated by whispers of tobacco, anise and mint. Its silken tannins and opulent plummy depth reveal a wine that flirtatiously waltzes on the pinnacles of elegance and power - both emblematic of Gaja's stellar artistry.


2011, a year to remember — Sperss by Gaja

While the unpredictable climatic multitude of 2011 posed significant challenges across most vineyards in Italy, Gaja thrived upon adversity and painted a masterpiece. The hot summer permitted the Nebbiolo grapes a generous ripening stage, with the cooler ends of the season allowing for an elegant acidity balance — something that Nebbiolo aficionados would instantly recognise as distinctly Sperss-esque.


A harmonious marriage

Complex notes of ripe red berry fruit are harmoniously coupled with hues of tobacco and truffle, forming a poetry accurately reflecting the vineyard's terroir. Its fine-knitted tannins and unabashed length provide a riveting drinking experience, challenging the pallate with each sip.

Coming from a producer that consistently canvases Italy's viticultural best-of, it is an investment-worthy wine that is not just a testament to Gaja's commitment to winemaking but also an unparalleled ambassador of Italy's wine heritage.

The 2011 Sperss from Gaja is an excellent performer in the arena of fine wines, offering an alluring stage for connoisseurs and investors alike to revel in the exquisite dance of powerful richness and elegant finesse.

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With fruit from Serralunga d'Alba, the 2011 Langhe Sperss is a wine of profound beauty. This is a velvety and caressing expression with dark fruit layers followed by kirsch, cassis, leather, balsam herb and white truffle. The Gaja family decided to move their bottling date forward in order to preserve the integrity and freshness of fruit in this warm vintage. This move has helped to avoid overripe sensations. In fact, Langhe Sperss seems fresh and tonic. This bodes exceptionally well for its aging potential.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2015

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