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2013 Sperss

By Gaja

2013 Sperss from Gaja, A Singular Jewel of Piedmont, Italy

The 2013 Sperss from the esteemed producer Gaja is a tour de force that bears testament to both the artistry and the rich terroirs of Italy's legendary Piedmont region. This fine wine from Italy pulls its unique essence from the celebrated Nebbiolo grape, resulting in a remarkable vintage, every bit deserving of high regard in the wine investment landscape.


Unearthing Terroir treasures in 2013 vintage

The climatic conditions of 2013 were a blessing, gifting Gaja with an ideal amalgamation of warm days and cool nights, which added depth and complexity to the fruit. The elongated ripening season facilitated optimum balance between sugar content, acidity and lively tannins.

What distinguishes this magnificent release is its intricate architecture. In one’s glass appears a vibrant mesh of bold cherries and blackberries, underpinned by an undertow of truffle and licorice. As the old saying goes - patience is a virtue - with time these fragrant layers unravel further to reveal nuances of leather and dried herbs.


An elite investment choice: 2013 Sperss from Gaja

Fine wine collectors will appreciate not just the exceptional sensory experience this vintage affords but also its appreciable investment potential. Owing to Gaja's relentless pursuit of perfection, each year's production remains tightly controlled, ensuring limited supply against increasing demand.

This harmonious interplay is a boon for informed investors, earning the 2013 Sperss a deserved place in any robust portfolio. Complex yet elegantly balanced, powerful yet refined - here lies the epitome of what serious investors seek when adding such fine wines from Italy to their collections.

With every sip, a quiet reminder of why Gaja stands as one of Italy’s greatest producers, and the 2013 Sperss as a testament to all that makes an excellent vintage. A stellar exemplar of the fine wines from Piedmont, poised for appreciation both on the palate and within the marketplace.

In essence, the 2013 Sperss from Gaja splendidly encapsulates its faithful reflection of a bucolic heritage, its persona enriched by Mother Nature herself, and its creditworthy standing in the world of wine investment.

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This wine shows the quintessential attributes of the Serralunga d'Alba appellation with dark fruit flavors and powerful intensity. The 2013 Barolo Sperss paints a very authentic picture of its unique territory with rich layers of black fruit, wet earth, black truffle, licorice and spice. The wine's tannic structure is firm and lasting. It shows broad shoulders and rich texture overall. This beautiful Barolo boasts a dark color and thick concentration with the aromatic elegance obtained in the 2013 vintage. This important wine is now part of the Barolo DOCG family.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 June 2017

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