Giacomo Conterno   Barolo Cascina Francia

1998 Barolo Cascina Francia

By Giacomo Conterno

1998 Barolo Cascina Francia by Giacomo Conterno, Piedmont, Italy

The 1998 vintage of the Barolo Cascina Francia from Giacomo Conterno is an exquisite representation of fine wines from Italy, exuding a distinct elegance representative of both its heritage and the climatic attributes of the year it was crafted. It bears mentioning that 1998 was a year that tested even the most stoic of vintners, with unpredictable weather creating an intriguing dance between sun and rain, thus culminating into a vintage of resilience and intensity.


Masterpiece from adversity

The cascading adversities faced by producers in '98 is precisely what lends the Barolo Cascina Francia its unique character. Its expression is encapsulated by an appealing tension between ripe fruits and vibrant acidity, indicative of the climatic challenges posed during its creation. The end result is an investment-worthy bottle, with a delicate bouquet and powerful finish that could only be achieved through meticulous vinification and grape selection.

Delving deeper into the tasting experience, one is welcomed by ever intriguing layers of complexity. On initial opening, lavish notes of dark cherry paired with touches of truffle and leather intermingle playfully. As the wine breathes, this gives way to refined expressions of smoke, licorice and violet.


The Terroir Story

The soils of Piedmont region are renowned for their capacity to yield wines with unique organoleptic expressions and the 1998 Barolo Cascina Francia truly elevates this trait to new heights. Each sip evokes a feeling akin to immersing oneself in the Italian milieu; its deep soils resonating in the wine's inherent minerality which lingers delicately on the palate. This riveting equilibrium of depth and nuance is a testament to the discerning craftsmanship of Giacomo Conterno.

With each year that passes, the 1998 Barolo Cascina Francia has visibly grown in flavour intensity and complexity, reflective of the ageing potential for Giacomo Conterno's wines; an attribute worthy of note for discerning investors. Potentially, it bears the mark of an impressive crescendo that is set to peak quite remarkably.

With its inherent ability to capture and reflect the essence of its provenance wrapped up in a bottle, the 1998 Barolo Cascina Francia from Giacomo Conterno is not merely a fine Italian wine; it is a narrative of the land, its people and its legacy.

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