Giacomo Conterno   Barolo Cascina Francia

2000 Barolo Cascina Francia

By Giacomo Conterno

2000 Barolo Cascina Francia from Giacomo Conterno

The 2000 Barolo Cascina Francia originates from the revered estate of Giacomo Conterno in the heart of Italy’s Piedmont region. This phenomenal vintage stands alone, made exceptional by climatic idiosyncrasies coupled with the unique terroir of Cascina Francia vineyard.


Vintage Variations: Exceptional Expressions from the Millennium Year

As the turn of the millennium approached, Piedmont was kissed by an unusual season, ideal for Nebbiolo grape's development. A chilly winter segued into a moderate spring before relinquishing to a balmy Italian summer. The result? An advanced maturation phase securing high-quality, ripe berries which came to define this immaculate wine.

The 2000 Barolo Cascina Francia demonstrates a captivating dance of balance, finesse and strength, conjuring a sensory intrigue that comes to life upon tasting. There is remarkable depth to this wine, showcasing the substantive character that endears the Cascina Francia vineyard to those in search of fine wines from Italy.


An Investment in Indulgence: The Triumph of Terroir

Decoding the inherent value within this offering from Giacomo Conterno involves an understanding of the harmonious relationship between vintage variation and terroir. Specifically, the calcareous soils of Cascina Francia, whose natural enrichment imparted complex minerality into the vintage. It is these alluring nuances that make this investment all the more worthwhile for connoisseurs seeking diversity and maturation potential in their portfolios.

To summarise, the 2000 Barolo Cascina Francia is more than just a wine - it's a sensory memoir recounting the bountiful season of a memorable year. The symphony of aromas and flavors within each bottle is testament not only to Giacomo Conterno's legacy, but to the timeless charm of Italian viticulture.

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