Giacomo Conterno   Barolo Cascina Francia

2015 Barolo Cascina Francia

By Giacomo Conterno

2015 Barolo Cascina Francia from Giacomo Conterno, Piedmont, Italy

The 2015 vintage of the revered Barolo Cascina Francia from Giacomo Conterno is a case study in fine Italian winemaking heritage unfurling in a singularly notable year. The trademark Conterno precision held strong in the face of an uncommonly warm and dry growing season, ensuring this expression of one of Piedmont's most cherished sites would continue to delight and captivate discerning investors and collectors.


The artistry of balance and focus

The essence of fine wines from Italy, especially those destined for investment-grade collections, lies in the twin pillars of refinement and ageability. This vintage shows unparalleled focused structure amidst lush sensuality - a masterstroke that adds another feather to the prestigious hat of Giacomo Conterno. Selectively handpicked Nebbiolo grapes nurtured in limestone-rich soils bring forth magnificent nuances, layered complexity and engaging liveliness.


The uniqueness of the 2015 Vintage's magic

The climatic conditions of 2015 started with a cool winter, followed by a wet spring that offered sufficient water reserves for the searing summer that came after. With such heat was potential peril which called for extraordinary craftsmanship to create an elegant wine that wasn't corrupted by over ripeness.

Indeed, the 2015 Barolo Cascina Francia showcases how triumphant a vintage can be when its inherent challenges are skillfully managed. The result is a sleek, majestic testament to the resilience in the face of potential adversity – an investment-worthy emblem of Italian viticulture's steadfast brilliance.


Flavour profile - A symphony for the senses

The 2015 Barolo Cascina Francia confidently holds court, with a vibrant red fruit core underlined by savoury nuances, all encompassed within an engaging, full-bodied character. Notes of fresh cherries and ripe plums vie for attention with hints of liquorice and leather, culminating in a finish that lingers tantalisingly on the palate.

A seemingly paradoxical combination of voluptuousness and steely nerve elevates this Barolo, making it an arresting choice for both immediate indulgence and long-term appreciation. Thus, on the grand stage of fine wines from Italy, the 2015 Barolo Cascina Francia by Giacomo Conterno commands applause – a chorus ushered in by its undeniable harmony and eloquent expression.

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