Antinori   Solaia

2000 Solaia

By Antinori

2000 Solaia from Antinori, Tuscany, Italy

The allure of vintages often lie within the idiosyncrasies born from the ever-changing dance of climate and soil. One such idiosyncratic charm that has captured the hearts of wine connoisseurs is the 2000 Solaia from Antinori, a testimony to the wine-producing magic of Tuscany.


A vintage with a story

A close look at 2000's viticultural calendar uncovers an interesting tale. A mild winter, an unhurried spring, followed by a sultry summer, created a serene canvas for cultivation. The result was a harvest full of promise, which ultimately manifested in the wine we recognise today.

Savouring the 2000 Solaia is like delving into a piece of history: every sip evokes the quintessential Tuscan terroir with its delicately layered nuances.


Proof lies in the palate

In terms of tasting notes, this audacious blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese emanates a delightful flirtation between ripe black fruit aromas, soft earthy undertones and well-integrated spices. Its dense yet smooth mouthfeel reveals an elaborate intertwining of plum and black cherry notes that make this fine wine a standout in any investor's cellar.

The sincere structure of this wine underscores its maturation potential; it serves as a testament to Antinori’s masterful artistry and makes an elegant argument for fine Italian wines as a judicious investment option.


Terroir, Time and Talent: The 2000 Solaia Triad

The 2000 Solaia from Antinori is a sterling example of how terroir, time, and talent intertwine to shape vinous excellence. Yet, it's so much more than merely its composition or maturation prowess. It represents a moment in Tuscan winemaking history, encapsulated in a bottle for us to revisit time and again.

A discovery journey for the senses and a potential asset for discerning investors: this is the promise held by the 2000 Solaia. Its unique flair and consistent high ranking appeal not only to the wine lover's palate but also the shrewd investor's acumen, cementing its esteemed position in the world of fine Italian wines.

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Scores and tasting notes


The 2000 Solaia, not unexpectedly, is the best wine of the series with expansive aromas of black currants, thyme, and sage, much eucalyptus and chocolate on the palate along with ripe, sweet fruit, and a sizeable finish. Drink: 2005-2018. Are we dealing with a half-full or a half-empty glass here? Hard to say, but the competition among the bigger houses is getting tougher in Tuscany, and Antinori may have to look at its quantities in less favorable vintages. It is not clear, for instance, that the right stuff for over one hundred thousand bottles of Guado al Tasso was available in 2000. Importer: Remy Amerique, New York, NY; tel. (800) 358-6002

Daniel Thomases - The Wine Advocate, 25 April 2004

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