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2007 Solaia

By Antinori

2007 Solaia from Antinori, Tuscany, Italy

The 2007 Solaia from Antinori serves as a testament to the potential of finesse by the revered Italian producer. This not only presents itself through the characteristically precise and articulate formulation of this remarkable wine but in the wider context of Italian wines' sophistication throughout estate-owned vineyards.


Signature Character of 2007 Solaia

An intriguing aspect of this splendid blend is the distinctive proposal of an intricate equilibrium between internal intensity and external finesse, which can be attributed to the exceptional climatic conditions prevalent during the 2007 growing season. A mellow winter provided an early start and harmonious ripening process for the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Sangiovese grape varieties, culminating in an elegant expression of ripe black fruits weaving amongst delicate threads of spice.


A Precise Rendering for a Worthy Investment

As a representation of Antinori's commitment to icon-making within their estates, the 2007 Solaia surpasses expectations. The inherent market value philosophy applied to investable Italian wines is-centred primarily around their ageability trajectory. Yet, with its generous fruit profile and polished tannins, this stunner showcases an inherent versatility that distinguishes it as a stellar selection for both immediate pleasure and long-term investment.


Universally Admired, Fine Wine from Italy

The vitality and depth of the 2007 Solaia exemplify Italy’s timeless contribution to the tradition of global winemaking. Its vibrant complexity offers a unique case study in fine winemaking that is universally admired beyond its birthplace in Tuscany.

In summary, the 2007 Solaia from Antinori consolidates fine wine investment fundamentals whilst delivering a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and meticulous attention to detail that sets it apart not only in its vintage year but within the Italian wine hierarchy. This is the artistry of winemaking, offering an unforgettable journey of discovery for both seasoned collectors and adventurous connoisseurs.

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The 2007 Solaia saturates the palate with a heady array of super-ripe black cherries, plums, cassis, mocha and sweet French oak. There is an exotic quality to the Solaia I find totally irresistible. Despite its considerable ripeness and opulence, the 2007 Solaia is never heavy, rather it impresses for its extraordinary finesse and balance. Minerals, graphite and crushed rocks frame a long, seductive finish. This is a wonderful Solaia loaded with vintage and vineyard character. The 2007 Solaia is 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Sangiovese and 5% Cabernet Franc, aged in 100% new oak. Anticipated maturity: 2017-2027. I continue to be amazed at the high average quality Antinori achieves across a production that exceeds a whopping 20 million bottles per year. This is a fabulous set of new releases. Long-time Oenologist Renzo Cotarella could certainly have rested on his laurels; after all he is already one of Italy’s most celebrated winemakers. Instead, Cotarella continues to improve quality in a meaningful way. The highlights are the 2007s, which are off the charts. I first sampled Antinori’s 2007 Tignanello and Solaia two years ago, when they were still separate wines from individual parcels, but even then it was clear these were going to be special wines. Tasting Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon from the Tignanello and Solaia vineyards, both in Chianti Classico, was an unforgettable lesson in the uniqueness of each of these fabulous terroirs. The Solaia vineyard in particular is clearly one of Italy’s greatest sites. Everything I tasted was loaded with personality and sheer character. One of the recent major changes at Antinori is the separate vinification of component wines for Guado al Tasso, Tignanello and Solaia, which began with the 2004 vintage. In 2007 Cotarella took that approach even further, with small parcel-by-parcel vinifications that allowed for maximum flexibility when the final blend for each wine was ultimately assembled. The 2007 harvest brings with it a number of additional changes. Syrah has been eliminated from Guado al Tasso in favor of Cabernet Franc, a grape that is proving to be exceptionally well-suited to the Tuscan coast. If the 2007 is any indication, Guado al Tasso is taking on a much more Bordeaux-like personality. The estate is also gradually moving toward slightly larger barrels and less new oak for their Sangioveses. Importer: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Woodinville, WA, tel. (425) 415-3738

Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2010

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