Antinori   Solaia

2013 Solaia

By Antinori

The 2013 Solaia from Antinori, Tuscany

Hailing from one of Italy's most celebrated wine dynasties, the 2013 Solaia from Antinori emerges resolutely as a beacon of Tuscan resilience. This wine captures a pivotal year for Antinori estates, one painted with challenging climatic conditions that in turn amplified the complex character of this notably versatile fine wine from Italy.


Defiance amidst adversity

The Southern Tuscan landscapes were marred by a gruelling start to the growing season in 2013, intertwining cooler temperatures with abundant rainfall. However, it was this very dance between adversity and resilience that birthed an unexpectedly remarkable vintage. This year demanded patience, resulting in late budding vines that were nurtured into full-bodied maturity through a warm summer and harmonious ripening season.

The 2013 Solaia stands unapologetically as the embodiment of this triumph. Its compelling bouquet exudes dark forest berries intertwined with hints of tobacco and exotic spices, swaggering in layers of complexity.


Decanter ready vintage

A blend dominated by an impeccable blend of Cabernet Sauvignon with pronounced aspects of Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc, this vintage occupies an esteemed echelon amongst red wine investments. As it dances on the palate, the wine unveils its textured tannin structure and well-orchestrated acidity underpinning the resonant mix of fruitiness and spiced undertones.

The lipsmacking journey is concluded with an impressively long finish invoking pleasurable anticipation for its future evolution. With each passing year, this versatile classic grows only richer, primed for enjoying now or cellaring for later pleasure.

In short summary, the 2013 Solaia from Antinori gracefully encapsulates the audacious spirit of its challenging vintage, offering a captivating spectacle layered in enticing twists and turns. For enthusiasts eyeing investment in fine wines from Italy, this vintage stands as an epitome of resilience crafted into gustatory excellence. Whether lavished in personal cellars or fancied amongst sophisticated gatherings, this fine wine is set to resonate across tastebuds and generations alike.

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The best vintages of Solaia are 1990, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010 and now 2013. Marchesi Antinori's 2013 Solaia is a profound and meaningful wine that is based mostly on Cabernet Sauvignon with Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc in supporting roles. It sports a dark and thick texture with plump fruit and spice, grilled herb and black pepper. The bouquet is intense and layered with the kind of complexity that is best admired as the wine shifts and evolves in the glass. The textual impact is also impressive—you feel the inherent power and the structure, but these elements are never overdone. The best is yet to come; this Solaia is built for long cellar aging.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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