Antinori   Tignanello

2011 Tignanello

By Antinori

2011 Tignanello from Antinori, Italy

Steeped in the history of Italy and one of the pioneering producers of the Super Tuscan movement, Antinori's laudable release, the 2011 Tignanello, shines brightly in the panorama of fine Italian wines. Tignanello altered the course of Italian viticulture when it became one of the first Sangiovese wines to incorporate Cabernet Sauvignon blurring, yet respectably so, the rigid traditional lines.


Buon Anno: A Vintage Worth Investing In

The 2011 vintage as a whole signified a marvellous year for Tuscan viticulture: warm, yet well-patterned with downtime that allowed vines to take deep breaths before plunging into maturation. It has not only resulted in a marked quality hike for the producers of this region but positioned it as an investable vintage with expectation for future value appreciation.

Upon tasting, the 2011 Tignanello from Antinori is revealed as a poised narrative between its core components: supple Sangiovese, sensual Cabernet Sauvignon and glossy Cabernet Franc. The 2011 vintage radiates a potent aromatic dialogue of ripe cherries mingled with accents of sweet spices and balsamic undertones.


A Parade of Elegance and Strength

To the palate, this Tuscan treasure introduces layers of blackberries and cassis beautifully enveloped in velvety tannins. Amidst this tender wrestle stands an elegant pillar of acidity, anchoring 2011's fruit opulence to a refreshing minerality. It ends with a landmark finish that lingers long enough to stir anticipation for the future development potential locked within.

2011 Tignanello from Antinori is without doubt a defining chapter in the compelling book of fine wines from Italy, demonstrating both an expressive terroir and a bold winemaking vision. Wine investment enthusiasts should consider this vintage as part of a balanced portfolio given its strength from an exceptional year, growing demand and Antinori's fine production credentials.

Yet besides its investment potential, this bottle, once opened, promises to celebrate the nobility of Tuscany, unfold epic tales amongst friends and breathe sun-soaked Italian warmth into many an occasion. It’s an Italian stallion that deserves a deserving stage.

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The 2011 Tignanello demonstrates a very ripe and fruit-forward personality with bursting cherry and blackberry folded within sweet spice, moist tobacco and honey-almond paste. Its texture is heavy and dense with sticky spots of sweetness (the alcohol is recorded at 14.5%). With such a fruit-heavy personality, the wine doesn’t reach the soaring heights or brilliant complexity we see in cooler vintages. It should veer toward a greater sense of focus and tightness with more bottle age.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 30 October 2014

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