Antinori   Tignanello

2012 Tignanello

By Antinori

2012 Tignanello from Antinori, Tuscany, Italy

In the grand opera of fine Italian wines, 2012 Tignanello from Antinori, is a stand out aria worthy of applause. This collector's gem from the verdant hillsides of Tuscany brims with gorgeous harmony between intensity and levity - nestled neatly in years-marking maturity.


Undeniable Class, an Alluring Investment Potential

Antinori asserts its sovereignty in winemaking with the sheer elegance embodied within every bottle of the 2012 Tignanello. As with all fine wines from Italy, its investment credibility lies not only in the reputation of the producer but also, significantly within the nuances of its vintage.

Fruit driven with a nuanced complexity, 2012 Tignanello serenades the palate with delicate whispers of black cherries and plum harmonized beautifully against a structured cadence of tobacco undertones and subtle earthy humus. Its well-integrated tannins deliver a performance worthy of its Tuscan pedigree.


Lamented Harvest, Epicurean Triumph

The climatic challenges of 2012 drew lamentations beneath Tuscan sunsets- making it a year kindly forgotten by many viticulturists. Yet, as a testament to resilience and exemplary vineyard management, Antinori has spun these adversities into triumph.

Tuscany’s erratic weather patterns that year have imbued this vintage with a paradoxical richness that adds depth to its flavour profile. Combined with Antinori's commitment to traditional methods, the results form this enticing blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon can only be described as organoleptic artistry in a bottle.

In closing, 2012 Tignanello by Antinori is crowned with exceptional character and profound complexity which sets it apart from its predecessors. Its commendable performance against the backdrop of climatic adversities, and the producer’s unwavering commitment to quality creates a compelling narrative for both oenophiles and astute wine investors. An anthology of vibrant aromatics, layered over structured tannins, this fine Italian symphony in a bottle, is indeed one for the portfolio.

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The 2012 Tignanello is a very handsome wine with dark fruit nuances that extend far beyond the normal spectrum for Sangiovese (and the smaller percentages of French grapes that complete this wine). This vintage, that started off with a very hot summer and ended with a cool harvest season, show a little more spice and Mediterranean herb on the finish. Grapes were harvested at the end of September and delivered slightly less alcohol than previous vintages. There is a point of freshness but the tannins are mature and yielding. In fact, the tannic management is spot-on and is complimented by the velvety and rich nature of the mouthfeel. Pretty mineral accents add a lasting touch of complexity. The 2012 Tignanello has the qualities for a successful evolution.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 2015

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