Antinori   Tignanello

2014 Tignanello

By Antinori

2014 Tignanello from Antinori, Terrific Tuscan Triumph

Renowned as a pioneer of Italy's fine wine landscape, the 2014 Tignanello from Antinori takes us on an intoxicating journey through Tuscan terroir. This vintage is an eloquent testimonial to Antinori’s deft expertise working harmoniously with Mother Nature’s will, showcasing the house’s extraordinary intuition gleaned from centuries of winemaking.


Melodic Melding of Sangiovese Symphony

Famed for its nuanced blends, the 2014 Tignanello harmoniously marries 80% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon, and a tantalizing 5% Cabernet Franc. Freeing itself from the usual tribulations associated with a cooler season, this vintage exhibits an enigmatic interplay between the linear expression of Sangiovese and the profoundness of Cabernet varietals.

This extraordinary fine wine offers a mesmeric olfactory adventure which juxtaposes cassis and black cherries against a fascinating lilt of Tuscan garrigue and balsamic. Swirling in the glass releases delightful whispers of truffle, a perfect signpost hinting at its earthy elegance.


2014 - A Vintage Of Resilience And Character

The traditional parameters of what makes a great vintage were challenged in 2014 by unseasonably wet conditions. However, this did not deter Antinori from producing yet another stellar incarnation of Tignanello. The creative adoption of rigorous canopy management and meticulous grape selection allowed the vineyard to deliver ripe, beautifully structured fruit indicative of a truly resolute vintage.

As it is ageing exceptionally well compared to its peer vintages, the 2014 Tignanello has proven itself an alluring investment gem amidst a sea of fine wines from Italy. Its unique charm lies in its ability to express such profound complexity and depth even in challenging climatic years.

Masterful winemaking paired with stoic resilience make the 2014 Tignanello from Antinori an enticing consideration for any serious investor assessing the richness and diversity of Italy's fine wine repertoire.

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Tignanello has this amazing ability of always being, well, Tignanello. Its very DNA makes it among the most distinctive and recognizable wines in the world. I'm happy to report that this is also the case for the 2014 Tignanello that faced very different growing conditions compared to most. The wine is beautiful and balanced with sweet tannins and a supporting oak texture that is neatly folded at the back. The wine is all about measure and proportion, and it aspires to these goals with an impressive sense of natural harmony. This is not an overtly powerful or muscular expression. Instead, it shows a tasty, almost savory form of elegance. This vintage was made with 75% Sangiovese, which means that the Cabernet presence is a tad bigger than normal. Ultimately, this wine is more finessed and delicate, and I appreciate the careful tannic management on display here.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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