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1997 Masseto

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The Apex of 1997 – The Masseto from Masseto

The 1997 vintage was nothing short of tumultuous for the majority of Italy's fine wine producers. However, like its namesake, a metaphorical bulwark against climate adversity, the 1997 Masseto from Masseto stood out as an embodiment of fortitude and exemplary winemaking under challenging conditions.


Tuscan Tenacity Personified

Given that 'Masseto' translates to 'massive' in Italian, it should come as no surprise that this year painted a panorama of strength and depth in each bottle. Despite receiving intermittent showers throughout the year, the Tuscan region’s clay soils came to the wine's aid. The vineyard's deep roots found much-needed water reserve in the densely packed earth, allowing the hallmark Merlot to display a rich concentration and power that is enviable even among fine wines from Italy.


An Unwavering Vintage

The uniqueness of the 1997 Masseto comes from its resistance to surrender fruit purity, despite the challenging climatic conditions. Hot, dry spells interlaced with light refreshing showers led to grapes bursting with uncorrupted flavors. These treasured Merlots braced themselves against heatwaves and held firmly onto their fruit concentration, ultimately leading to a wine synonymous for its astronomical depth.


A Symphony for the Senses

Once released from 19 months aging in oak barrels, the 1997 Masseto displayed hues that unleashed a spectacle of deep crimson. A bouquet of ripe black cherries, crushed violet petals with undertones of sweet tobacco elevate your senses while its palate imparted bold blackberry notes paired with velvety tannins and an elegant truffle nuance on finish.

One cannot discuss the intriguing world of fine wine investment without mentioning the 1997 Masseto from Masseto. Bold and daring, it immortalizes a great triumph over climate adversity, further cementing itself as a benchmark in the Italian fine wine market. Its profound profile leaves an indelible mark not only on the palate but also on the heart of every wine investor seeking adventurous vintages that showcase resilience.

This distinctive vintage, like aging leather, evolves distinctively with time: gentle yet assertive. The harmonious tension between concentration and elegance makes it an essential component in an experienced investor's collection – a sanctuary inside the eye of a storm.

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