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2013 Masseto

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The 2013 Masseto from Masseto, Tuscany, Italy

Imagine the scene. The year is 2013 and across its picturesque hills, Tuscany is graced with a climatic ballet. The result of this dance between nature and vine is encapsulated in a bottle – the 2013 Masseto, an offering from illustrious Italian winery, Masseto.


A Vintage Graced by the Elements

In the world of fine Italian wines, the 2013 Masseto stands proud. Its tale begins with an unhurried winter and spring, allowing vines to breathe and rejuvenate. By summer, on Tuscany’s sun-kissed slopes, Merlot grapes swelled slowly under a mild sun until a dramatic end-of-season heatwave called them to maturity.

The result? A vintage representing an exuberant celebration of patient nature and human dedication. It is a wine that demands patience from its consumer, with early tastings revealing a depth of power cocooned by youthful tannins.


Ravishing Revelations of Rarity

When opened years later, it's like unlocking a treasure chest. What makes 2013 particularly intriguing is the productive tension between flamboyant fruit flavors and rare earthy undertones; deep plum meets forest floor in a raspy kiss. Moments later, black cherry notes emerge only to be eclipsed by intriguing suggestions of graphite.

This is no one-off performance but rather a constant interplay, where every sip reveals another layer – another character adding to its allure and justifying its place amongst other serious wine investment contenders.


2013 Masseto - Fine Wine Investment Masterstroke

With an exceptional rating for its structure and ageing potential, there are eminent investment implications. The 2013 Masseto combines the pedigree of its esteemed legacy with the distinct personality of its exceptional vintage, rendering it a must-consider addition to any serious wine investment portfolio.

As evidenced in this eloquent elixir, Masseto's remarkable terroirs and untiring commitment to quality coalesce in creating a red-letter vintage such as the 2013 Masseto – making it a resounding testament to the grandeur of fine wines from Italy.

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The 2013 Masseto paints a glorious picture of Tuscany. It captures an inspired moment in time and walks an impressive tightrope between power and elegance. In my preview tasting last year, I noticed the firm textural richness of the 2013 vintage and the crystalline sharpness of its aromas. Thanks to 12 additional months of bottle aging, that impression is evermore constant and concrete. The focus is there, yet the wine has also fleshed out and put on more velvety definition especially in terms of mouthfeel. It wears its pedigree with pride, but most importantly it offers the balance and integration to promise a long and healthy aging future. The 2013 vintage follows closely on the heels of the impeccable 2006 and 2010 vintages in terms of cellaring potential. This is definitely a bottle that should interest collectors.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016

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