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2014 Masseto from Masseto, Tuscany, Italy

This prestigious Merlot, the 2014 Masseto from Masseto, provides a veritable masterclass in Italian viticulture artistry. Cultivated on the sun-kissed soils of Tuscany, Masseto creates wines that stand as shining testaments to its acclaimed lineage and prodigious winemaking prowess. Yet even against such a thoroughbred backdrop, the 2014 vintage emerges to captivate your senses in novel and exhilarating ways.


Contrasting Climates Compound Complexity

Firstly, climatic conditions pervading 2014 were no ordinary backdrop to this wine’s maturation. An initial mild winter gave way to a rainy spring. Hesitant summer heat eventually arrived but not before the vineyards had endured challenging weather. The result: reduced yields but a heightened kaleidoscope of harmonious flavor profiles. The conditions required the vines and the vintners alike to demonstrate their resilience and incredible adaptability.


Sommelier's Seigneurie

The eminent balance and complexity of this red wine make it gleam like an investment-grade gem. Characteristic of its terroir, the 2014 Masseto initially reveals luscious dark fruit notes, intricately interwoven with glimpses of cocoa and spice. A meticulously managed ageing process in French oak barrels only enriches these flavors, infusing subtle savoury undertones and a layer of tannic sophistication into this cult classic.


Distinct Distinctions Illuminate

In line with fine wines from Italy, Masseto doesn't shy away from exhibiting its unique accomplishments while maintaining the notable traits inherent in other vintages by this esteemed producer. Perhaps its most salient quality is the multilayer intersection of contrasts: an alluring interplay between power and elegance, intensity, and finesse. Given its vintage attributes, this tactile tension is the vigorous heartbeat of the 2014 Masseto, adding further depth to its already profound character.

In conclusion, the seemingly adversarial combination of 2014’s climatic conditions has ultimately produced an embodiment of Trinitarian harmony: powerful yet elegant, intense yet finessed and robust but refined. This makes the 2014 Masseto from Masseto a remarkable paradox of contrasts that discerning investors would do well to incorporate into their portfolios. Hence if one is interested in experiencing the quintessential synthesis of Merlot prowess and Tuscan winemaking mastery, then the rich narrative embodied in the 2014 Masseto cannot fail to capture and delight in equal measure.

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The 2014 Masseto has developed beautifully over the past few years of its oak and bottle evolution. This is a very distinctive edition of the iconic Italian Merlot that delivers a silky and streamlined approach. As bold and opulent as Masseto is in the warm vintages, I personally find those wines difficult to finish because the extract, concentration and intensity are so over the top. The best vintages of Masseto usually overpower any food dish you put before them. This is a subdued and downplayed expression instead. The cool summer season has shaped fresh berry notes of wild blackberry and cassis with drying mineral, tobacco, licorice and tar. There is evident sweetness here in terms of the wine's fruit flavors and its tannins, but there also is a cooling vein of acidity that makes the difference. The alcohol feels integrated and light. If you are hankering for a less massive and less muscular Masseto, this vintage is for you.

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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