Tenuta San Guido   Sassicaia

2006 Sassicaia

By Tenuta San Guido

2006 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido

One could easily consider the 2006 Sassicaia as an allegorical testament to Tenuta San Guido's unwavering commitment not only to crafting fine wines in Italy but to creating vintages that truly capture the essence of a particular year. The embodiment of the Bolgheri DOC’s prestigious lineage, this Tuscan beauty is delightfully representative of its remarkable vintage.


A Romantic Rendezvous with Terroir

The climatic conditions of 2006 were idyllic for cultivating the Bordeaux-style blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, epitomizing the wine's delightful interaction with its specific terroir. It was a year that greeted winegrowers with an extended growing season, lavish sunshine and cool evening breezes - each contributing to the vintage’s maturity, complexity and roundness.

The vibrant taste profile of the 2006 Sassicaia is a fascinating tale in itself. It greets you with an exhilarating parade of black cherries, warm spices and toasted almonds - elegantly knitted together by a subtle minerality and refined tannic structure.


A Witness to Wine Investing's Evolution

Over time, vintages like the 2006 Sassicaia have played an instrumental role in shaping the narrative of fine wine investment, compelling serious collectors to perceive Italian wines not just as pleasure-giving entities but also as lucrative investment opportunities. There is no denying that this robust and harmonious supertuscan stands as an alluring choice for long-term holding.

Imbuing both the grace and grit of its birth soil, 2006 Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido reasserts that even in the realm of fine wines, years don’t just mean age - they forge identity, they symbolise chapters of an extraordinary journey. The 2006 Sassicaia is an authentic chronicle of a terracotta year wrapped elegantly within the charm of a 750ml bottle; it's a classic waiting to be uncorked, savoured and remembered.

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The Tenuta San Guido 2006 Bolgheri Sassicaia is a timeless classic. This might just be the vintage to photograph in an encyclopedia entry for Sassicaia. This is especially true at this exact moment in its long and promising drinking window. The wine shows less volume compared to some of the more opulent vintages, but it absolutely excels in terms of length and finish. It offers amazing drive and momentum that are fueled by the extremely fine nature of the wine's texture and the seamless unity of its flavors. It treads in light and delicate footsteps that will carry it far into the future. As they say in Italian: "Piano piano si va lontano" (slowly slowly you go far).

Monica Larner - The Wine Advocate, 28 April 2017

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